The Small Secrets of Email Marketing in the Mobile Era

It is now a well-known and widespread fact that mobile web browsing is getting bigger, better, and growing exponentially. In fact, it is expected that, in the end of this year, 52.4% of all web browsing to be made using a mobile device, according to a study carried out by Statista. This means that, when 2016 starts, more than half of the entire web browsing will be mobile.

With this in mind, we can’t stress enough how important it is to launch email marketing campaigns that are optimized for mobile devices. Just think about it: how well are your emails being read on mobile devices? If your answer revolves around “not much,” “somewhat,”, “could be better” or “I do not know”, then take a look at these five small “secrets”, that will absolutely boost the optimization of your email marketing strategy for the mobile era.

1. Set a goal

As with everything in life, you need to have a goal. Otherwise, how will you know if you arrived somewhere? So, the first step in creating these emails, mobile or otherwise, is to set a goal. Do this by drawing five (for example) objectives for your email campaign.

The key here is to determine what is critical in a mobile message: what you want to say, what you want users to do, what is critical in the message, definition of a content hierarchy and, then, the goal(s).

2. Set an easy call-to-action

The last thing you want to do with your emails is to have a complicated or confusing call-to-action. To make it simple you can, for example, use direct and clear language, as well as create big and easy to visualize buttons. Using a driven software like ActiveTrail can be very helpful for this.

3. Have a clear message

What clients do not want (at all) is to try to get through unreadable text, like large blocks of content. This is one of the biggest mistakes of non-responsive pieces. In fact, this is a rule for any type of email in general. Going straight to the point and using lists are two ways of dealing with this.

4. Have a usable and responsive layout

If a layout is not usable, then it is also not useful. Keep user experience in mind and let the content, objectives and the call-to-action define the layout of your email. Make sure that all the elements are easy to see, read and click. Start implementing these best practices to provide more usability to the layouts.

5. Make images work

Images can be the success or failure of an email campaign. They are a sensitive issue for effectively running a visual storytelling, as our brain loves pictures. In fact, it renders images 60,000 times faster than words, and 90% of all data that the mind processes are visual, so that images are an indispensable support for marketing emails.

Applying these simple tips, your mobile email marketing campaigns are much more likely to perform well. Remember, the world is becoming mobile!

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