Snoop Dogg’s AMA on Product Hunt: “Meerkat is the Shit!”

Snoop Dogg, the “Dogfather,” released his new album “Bush” , produced by Pharrell Williams, on Product Hunt today. The artist and investor explained that the reason he chose Product Hunt's AMA to launch his new album was because the platform “makes shit go boom.”

Dogg spoke about his music, where you can find the best weed in the world (California), and raising $25 million to invest strictly on marijuana-centric startups.

Here are a few interesting insights the rapper shared in the AMA:

On Why He Decided to Invest in Tech Startups

“Because we have a passion for new technology, love business, and and have found that we have the power to help companies grow when there is a true collaboration there. If you look at tha companies that we support you will realize that they authentic to the Snoop Dogg brand. We can't fake it; it has to be authentic. At the end of the day you gotta be in it 2 win it Jacc!”

His Advice for Startup Founders

“Trust the advice of people who have been in tha game 4 longer than me. Love the founders. My team hasn't messed with anyone we don't get a good vibe from. Study. Study. Study. I'm learning new things in this world everyday I got my lingo but the math lingo is a whole new game.”

If He Would Start his Own Company if Not a Celebrity

“Yup, I would sell tha first mobile swap meet! Get them house shoes w/ bitcoin. Take tech back to tha hood.”

On What Companies he Prefers to Invest On

“I want to invest in things that speak to my audience. I also like new products who are playing with how we watch n listen.  If your making something that tha kids are gonna pay attention to them I'm gonna pay attention. I constantly try to embrace what a new generation is using…I wanna mine the moon for music.”

On What he Looks for in Entrepreneurs

“Confidence, patience and intelligence. I don't usually invest without doubt. I always need to give things a second thought.”

On Growing His Brand and Forging Strategic Partnerships

“I treat brands like I treat investments. [I] need to feel like will be there longterm. I've down some big paycheck endorsements but they come and go. Adidas is a good relationship they really embraced me and I fully took on the brand. Once I said I'm gonna go adidas I went all in from neck to toe. Now we are 6 years strong and I advice them in their football department.”

“You need to stay true to your brand. Every time I try and fake it for paycheck the people realize it. Sincerity is a powerful thing.”

Similarities Between Entrepreneurs and Musicians

“Passion! I've met some entrepreneurs who are artists. They are painting or making music. That product comes from the soul. Yes there are times artists and entreps make stuff for money but that real art that shit u do with out a care in the world. That is what the two have in common.”

On Why He Loves Meerkat

“I've always been a fan of live streaming. I did the wake n' bake show on Ustream before there was anything else out there. Meerkat is the shit. Super simple and boom Im live jacc. Yes this will be a major tool for creators, it already is.”


Image Credit: Vevo: Bush Conversations video

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