The Increasing Use of Solar Energy Technology

Technology has always had the goal of making life easier and utilizing the resources around us in more resourceful ways. Presently, these resources have been strained due to numerous factors. We need to effectively use the current resources while at the same time conserving what is available.

The growth in population has led to increased usage of energy has contributed to higher industrial pollution, among other issues. Not only is there is more litter, but ther’es unfulfilled energy requirements due to high cost. This deficit has had an impact on the scientists and environmental conservation efforts. Thankfully, there are now more sources of energy which are both affordable and eco-friendly. Companies, institutions and even individuals are gaining their sense of responsibility in conserving the ecosystem. This includes simple steps like recycling to larger actions like using natural energy sources to run day-to-day business activities.

Due to the advanced technology, there are more than five sources of energy being used worldwide. They are used in industries, running cities and even in agriculture to ensure there is food in the market. The sources can be categorized as renewable and nonrenewable energy sources.

Non-renewable energy sources are not renewed over time and hence at some point they will run out; ossil fuels are an example of this type of energy. Renewable energy sources are infinite and can be replenished and hence are sustainable over a long period of time. An example is the use of solar energy which is a long-term source and accessible worldwide. Below are the top energy sources in use across the globe.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is retrieved by concentrating the sun’s energy to produce electricity. It is a fast growing energy source and with time has become more and more versatile. Even small homes have solar panels installed to harness this energy for household use.

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the amount of solar energy that falls to the earth surface’s per day is more than what the planet’s 6.1 billion people could use in 27 years. This goes to show that solar energy is the most efficient way of environment conservation. If every home and institution could have solar panels installed, it would reduce the dependence on other energy sources.

Solar energy has been in use for a long time and has allowed the development of the most efficient solar panels which are both affordable and easy to install. These are some of the advantages of using solar energy. Others include:

  • There are no greenhouse emissions or smoke which protects the ozone layer and still provides the needed energy. This is common in coal plants and other industries consequently filling the atmosphere with carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide. Solar energy minimizes these emissions.
  • Use of renewable energy sources like solar energy, allows us to conserve the nonrenewable energy sources. Oil remains one of the most widely used energy sources in the world. In the next century or so, there might be little or no oil to meet the current demand. Using solar energy reduces dependability on sources like oil therefore prolonging their availability.
  • There is a reduced energy bill for your home or business while still enjoying the amenities.
  • Having solar panels installed can increase the value of your property if you are to sell it

Maximizing Solar Energy Usage

Solar energy can be used to cater all the energy needs in your home. From lighting to heating, your total energy bill can be reduced by using a solar lamp for lighting or a water heater which is solar powered. Alternatively, you can have one of the solar power systems installed in your home or office to cater for all the energy needs.

The solar panels are designed to handle small and large electricity requirements. It can be used to heat even pools. They can be connected to an electric distribution system or even stand-alone to help you power different appliances in the home.

The installation of solar panels can be a DIY project and luckily it comes with a manual to take you through the process. To be on the safe side, it is always advisable to hire a solar professional to do the installation for you. The fees vary depending on the panels being installed and the arrangement, hence the need for a professional. It is best to have a solar system contractor come to your house and determine the energy sources before having the installation done. This will be beneficial when your energy needs increase.

Other Sources of Alternative Energy

Hydroelectricity: It is generated from hydropower. This power is generated by using the gravitation power of falling or flowing water. It is best used where rivers run or waterfalls and dams. Hydroelectricity makes up around 19 percent of the world total energy with the increased construction of hydro systems. It is popular in industries but most of the time they are government powered.

Wind Energy: Wind turbines are used to make of wind power. The turbines are set up over a large area and are connected to the local electricity transmitters to power isolated areas. The energy can power residential areas with medium to high energy needs

Geothermal Energy: This type of energy is acquired through natural processes.It has been in use since the ancient times for heating homes and is still in use for this purpose. Some countries have been able to use geothermal energy to cater for 14 percent of their total electricity needs which is a major improvement. It will become popular due to the cost effectiveness.

Biomass Energy-Biomass refers to living or decayed biological matter that can be used in industrial production or generation of energy. For the purpose of generating energy, plant matter is used. This includes trees, wood chippings and other plants. The biomass can be used to produce fiber or even heat which is used as a source of energy

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