Can You Really Start a Company Without Money?

So many individuals out there dream of starting a business or transforming an idea into a company, only to stop because of a lack of money. There is this common belief that you should get money from friends, family, or fools, commonly referred to in the industry as the three Fs. While that does work, it is not the best possible opportunity that exists.

The truth that most people do not realize is that money is not necessarily needed in order to start a company. There is not always a need to have investors. You can actually get access to many free or barter based services. It is not difficult to take advantage of that.

Obviously, when you start working on your own company without cash in your pockets for this purpose, you are naturally afraid. There are many hurdles that will appear and that you will need to overcome. However, the following will help you to start that company you want without having money.


In the event that you pay a person on an hourly basis, you get the time that you pay for. However, if a person is invested in the potential future success of a firm, you receive ideas, time, money, sweat, and much more. You can consider looking for a good partner that would help you with what you lack instead of trying to get free items, which is the basis of most partnerships.

Working On The Idea

Many have ideas that are not as great as they believe initially because of the fact that they do not work hard on that. If you really want to start a successful startup, the most important thing is to have products/services that are of a high quality. When this happens, you will notice that there are various doors that will open for you.

Building Buzz

Building buzz is a great way to get something for free in life. It is similar to being the first at anything. If you are the first one in a group that does something and others follow, your first efforts get more attention. As you talk to the potential partners, you can sell them on other interested partners that may exist. When you had business success in the past, you have to talk about that. In the event that this is not the case, the discussions can move towards professional achievements. The idea is that you want to prove that you are capable of creating a good company so that you can get partners that would bring in the money.

Making A Proper Offer

As you already figured out, you want to get a partner that can bring in the financial aspect that you need and partners that would offer services on a free/barter system. With this in mind, the most important thing at the end of the day is the offer that you make. You need to learn as much as possible about the person that you talk to and you need to always be professional in your approach. This is true for basically anything that you do in life. Proper offers mean that you are honest and you always say why people would work with you and what you give them in return.

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