A Startup’s Short Guide to Cloud Computing

The method to the success of every startup involves maximizing the available resources and keeping costs low to achieve optimum performance. Success, in this case, can be attained by taking advantage of cloud computing services

There are three types of cloud computing a startup can make use of:

  • Platform as a service (PaaS) –In this category of cloud computing, your service provider will avail the tools you need to develop your applications. The provision of the software and hardware tools over the internet is the service. This saves you from having to design or install these tools in-house.
  • Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) –This model provides you with computing infrastructure like network connections, IP addresses, load balancers, server space, and other factors in a virtual environment.
  • Cloud Management – This only involves the management of the products and services availed by cloud computing.

The cloud computing service you need will likely depend on the kind of startup you are and your particular needs.

Your priorities and what type of startup you are, that is, a bootstrapped startup or a great funded startup, may also determine what service you choose.

Experience shows that bootstrapped startups have cost control higher in their list of priorities while great startups will always go for speed and customization.

Benefits of Using Cloud Computing

Whatever path you choose to take, there are key advantages that any startup can get from cloud computing:

Cost Savings

Cloud is much cheaper and will save you much money. The cloud allows you to access excellent computing capabilities at prices that are lower than it would cost you to develop such capacities in-house.

Assists in Exploring New Channels and Opportunities

Cloud computing allows you to easily restructure your business and so explore new profitable opportunities and channels as they come up.


You can virtually scale up or scale down cloud computing resources according to the needs of your startup almost immediately.

Traditionally, to have the capacities that cloud computing offers, you had to invest heavily in physical infrastructure and personnel. Scaling up or down therefore required considerable investment and human effort.

The cloud now allows startups to scale without making such kind of investments. You can now add servers automatically in just a few minutes.

Hosting Your Site on Solid Ground

SSD VPS Server from 5 VPSServer.com

There are many factors you can use to evaluate the right hosting service for your startup’s website. The best web hosting service provides security and reliability in the long run. This need can be fulfilled by a virtual private server like VPSServer.

Your traffic numbers and budget will determine the hosting you choose. You have the option ofa a shared server or a dedicated server. Big sites are better of with dedicated servers as they have better capacities and personalization to handle the demanding needs of highly trafficked sites.

Provides a High-performance Environment

The cloud, in providing a high-performance environment, provides a place to develop applications efficiently and to easily collaborate with team members. This makes delegation and management of tasks and people very comfortable.

PaaSProvider Reliable and High performance PaaS

You can use a PaaSProvider. This is a PaaS platform that supports different coding/programming languages in rapid cloning environments.

Simplifying Big Data

For your startup to be hugely successful, you’ll need to be good at collecting, analyzing and interpreting data. Data and analytics are central to developing an excellent product and making educated iterations to serve better your customers.

Qubole Cloud scale Data Processing

Cloud computing allows you to mine data seamlessly by using fewer resources to extract relevant data. A tool like Qubole lets you interact with big data on the cloud for impeccable performance.

The startup scene has seen a tremendous rise in competition as several companies come up with competing solutions and value offerings.

Some of the ways you can differentiate yourself from other startup businesses and accelerate your growth are to increase productivity, become more agile, cut costs, innovate and grow rapidly. Cloud computing will allow you to do these and more.

Follow this guide then carefully evaluate your needs before choosing a cloud computing service.

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