StickerRide Uses Your Car as a Moving Billboard for Money

Publicity is a necessity for nearly every brand, and there are many ways for them to get it. In spite of the tremendous importance the online world has put on the exposure of brands, most marketing strategies include a “physical” component, via posters on walls or buses, bus stops, subway stations, billboards, and others.

Billboards are a traditional but reliable bet in the publicity industry, because they are a way to easily give exposure to a brand or a product. Most billboards are huge, which is why they capture people's attention – and that attention is what a company entering the United States is targeting.

StickerRide is an advertising platform and mobile app that connects brands with drivers, offering targeted and efficient on-vehicle advertising. It was the first in the industry and has recently reached the American market, starting with the Los Angeles area.

This platform is already being used by more than 40,000 drivers around the world, and has some big-name clients from banking, telecom, FMCG and film areas, such as Gillette, MTS, Transformers 4 and more. In its essence, StickerRide works like Uber, where drivers make their cars available to get vinyls placed and publicize brands or products around the cities.

But there is actually more to it, as the StickerRide app, available on both Android and iOS, actually gamifies the whole process for drivers. The platform offers tangible rewards, which increase drivers' engagement and makes them committed brand ambassadors, instead of simple “moving billboards”.

StickerRide is also a pioneer in terms of interactivity in terms of on-vehicle advertising, since the platform is equipped with modern digital tracking tools, real-time campaign management, and analytics. All of this provides advertisers with a new level of transparency and effectiveness on their campaigns, leveraging results to unprecedented levels.

Christian T. Lundgren, CEO of StickerRide US, reported his thoughts on how this platform can have a positive impact on this type of publicity:

“The outdoor advertising market offers brands a unique opportunity to sidestep cluttered, noisy digital channels. In fact, IBISWorld's most recent industry report noted it provides rare access to a mass market, which is any brand's dream. Unfortunately, outdoor advertising – and on-vehicle advertising in particular – have, in many ways, been stuck in the stone ages. That is where StickerRide comes in.”

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