How Technology is Changing the World of Marketing

A mere 10 years ago, most people would have scoffed at the idea that online advertising was soon going to become the most important piece of their company’s marketing strategy. Now this information has become – not only accepted – but also a way of life for any business that wants to survive in a crowded marketplace. With this in mind, the impact of technology on marketing cannot be overstated.

Meanwhile, the role that marketing plays in attracting technology companies has been less clear. After all, the average owner and employee who is highly invested in a tech company has a vastly different profile than the typical consumer. Therefore, this makes the world of tech marketing stand out from every other industry.

Attracting the Tech Crowd

Sometimes a more subtle approach is recommended such as offering low-key stickers that allow tech enthusiasts to align themselves with their favorite businesses. This is actually very fitting for the tech world because decorating laptops with stickers has become just as commonplace as using bumper stickers to announce personal preferences, ranging from politics to a love for Apple products.

We caught up with Michael Nova, CEO at the Nova Custom Label Printing Company. Nova agrees with the assertion that the approach needs to be low key and says that,

“We ingrain the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) into our clients. John Hawkins from 9Seeds pointed out to me that tech lovers are very averse to seeing any type of obvious marketing at their conventions and other gatherings, and there can even be a resistance to something as simple as t-shirts that feature advertising messages.”

How Are Companies Using Tech to Improve Their Marketing Performance?

A recent report that was released by Datanyze takes a closer look at the way businesses are using marketing technology, and it is clear that the tech world is an advertising expert’s best friend. During the past year, the usage of the six main marketing components that rely upon technology have grown as much as 9 percent each. These categories include tag management, web personalization, analytics, marketing automation, email marketing and e-commerce.

How Do Technology Companies Utilize Marketing Tech?

Interestingly, the companies that help create some of the boldest technological advances are not necessarily using them to their full potential. Venture Beat performed an intriguing analysis of the data that was compiled by Datanyze, and they discovered that IBM has been one of the slowest adopters of marketing automation. On the contrary, Selligent, which is a mid-market B2C vendor, showed the most growth overall for marketing automation with a 12 percent leap over last year.

While it is clear that technology is one of the biggest driving forces of today’s marketing efforts, it is not known why some big tech companies such as IBM have failed to take advantage of this opportunity to increase their customer base. However, whether you are a tech company or sell a product that is geared at technology enthusiasts, it is definitely critical to follow in Selligent’s footsteps instead of IBM’s when it comes to tech marketing.

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Holly Chavez is a former engineer and current writer and entrepreneur. She enjoys writing informative articles about technology and is amazed at all the new inventions and strides that happen every day. Holly also cares about the environment and is involved with writing projects and activism that supports sustainability, Green living and lowering the carbon footprint.
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