The Steps Farmgirl Flowers Took to Succeed in an Established Market

Finding a business opportunity is a challenge for most entrepreneurs. We’re saturated with companies specializing in almost every business opportunity. For this reason, new entrepreneurs are left wondering how they can start up a business and compete with already established enterprises.

To grow your startup, you need to analyze the market forces in the industry you want to invest in. Identify the weaknesses of most companies in the industry and use them as an opportunity. Farmgirl Flowers is an example of a successful start-up that has grown to a leading supplier of flowers in United States, using gaps in the flower industry as opportunities to succeed.

Finding an Opportunity in the Flower Market

Farmgirl is an e-commerce flower store that was started by Christina, popularly known as the farm girl. Christina was brought up by her parents, who grew corn and soybeans. She grew up with a passion for running an innovative business.

Through her passion, she discovered an opportunity in the flower market. Most flower suppliers imported flowers from other countries. For this reason, local flower farmers were forced to quit flower farming. Since the flowers were imported, consumers had to incur an extra cost while purchasing a flower gift.

In United States, people use more than $26 billion on flower products. More than 83 thousand people earn a living from the industry. However, 45 percent of the flowers are wasted even before they reach the market.

Christina used the gap and decided to support local flowerers by purchasing and selling their flowers at a cheaper price to customers. Her company worked with an objective of reducing wastage and selling 100 percent U.S. grown flowers.

Finding a Unique Identity

To make Farmgirl a different flower enterprise, she decided to find a unique brand identity that could make her company stand out from traditional flower suppliers. Most traditional companies used cellophane as their brand identity. After brainstorming with friends, she came up with the unique Burlap wrapped bouquet as their brand.

Farmgirl uses a Burlap wrap derived from coffee bags to wrap up their flower selection. The firm works with local flower firms who supply them with different varieties of flowers.

Creating a Difference through Outstanding Customer Service

Unlike traditional flower suppliers, Farmgirl works to ensure that their clients get the best experience while placing orders online. A client can make an order in less than five minutes. After placing an order, Farmgirl’s staff will design a beautiful package and deliver it to the flower recipient within a short time.

Farmgirl started as a local supplier but has grown to supply customers around San Francisco, Daly City, Brisbane, Colma, San Bruno and other parts of America. They are planning to expand their boundaries to a global scale.

Most customers were dissatisfied with traditional e-commerce flower companies after placing an order just to get a pack that doesn’t resemble what was ordered. Farmgirl addressed the gap by using “what you see is what you get” principle to supply customers with what they exactly ordered.

To assure clients of quality services, Farmgirl works with a team of experts specialized in different fields. Farmgirl’s staff is experienced in Flower design, flower delivery, web management, and customer service management.

Despite a humble beginning, Farmgirl is currently a top destination for people hosting weddings and other events in California. The company’s florist designers help clients pick seasonal flowers that match the colors used in the décor of an event. Farmgirl’s experts also go a step higher to educate customers on how to care for their selection. With its high-quality services, Farmgirl has grown to become a leading flower supplier in United States.

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