Thuuz Sports Brings Sports Highlights Right to Your Phone

Being a fan of a particular sports team is not that difficult. You watch the games when you can, and you catch highlights the following day if their schedule conflicts with your strict bedtime. But being a overall sports fan can take a physical and emotional toll on the body. And while perusing countless websites night after night to find the right sports highlights sounds like a blast, one startup is looking to consolidate the process into a single click.

Thuuz Sports, based out of Palo Alto, created an app that is the envy of every ESPN Insider membership holder in the world. It measures the most exciting players, games and moments based on a wide range of factors, and immediately alerts fans to the excitement.

You’ll be able to find sports highlights from your favorite leagues, teams and even players thanks to Thuuz Sports. Plus, with fantasy sports compatibility, every sports fan can benefit from this highlight-driven model. No longer will you have to wait on a text messages from your sports fanatic friends that vaguely read “Did you see that?” or “Oh my god, can you believe it?!” on a nightly basis.

The key to having your own personalized SportsCenter at your fingertips is the unique algorithm that Thuuz Sports uses to decide what’s exciting and what’s not. The algorithm analyzes a vast array of data that ranges from social media buzz and game pace to team parity and matchup momentum.

“We have a statistical measure of every type of event that happens in games,” says founder and CEO Warren Packard. “A blocked field goal scores more than a 2-yard run. Klay Thompson getting 37 points in a quarter is off-the-charts novel.”

As anyone from the Bay Area can attest, the need for this service is dire. With the Golden State Warriors on the verge of making history by beating the all-time season wins record, set by the ’95-’96 Chicago Bulls, sports fans from that particular basketball hub are pressed for time and investment when it comes to the highlights. Every game is chock full of excitement and there is no reason anyone should miss out.

This technology has been so successful in keeping up with increased content when it comes to sports highlights that the big guys have taken notice. Not only does Thuuz Sports provide a free mobile app for sports fans to enjoy the game right, they also provide media outlets, like Fox Sports, Amazon and Sony, with up-to-the-minute analysis of the best moments from the best games at the best times. And if it’s good enough for the big guys, then it’s good enough for you.

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