3 Tips for Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions [INFOGRAPHIC]

Making New Year’s Resolutions are easy – it’s sticking with them beyond January 5th that is the hard part. For years, I refused to make resolutions because I thought they were trite. I am all about self improvement, but I questioned why there was so much pressure to set new goals at the beginning of the year as opposed to any other time of year.

On the years that I did come up with resolutions, it was often an overly ambitious list, not easily attainable, with no concrete actionable steps. It was more of a things-I-wish-I-were-better-at list, rather than a list of things-I -was-actively-willing-to-work-on.

This year I’ve decided to go back to making resolutions, but I’m going at it with a different approach. For example, instead of trying to change a bunch of things at once, I will work on one resolution at a time until it becomes habit. Then I will move on to the next one.

I am also using this infographic from Behance that lays out 3 solid tips for setting New Years Resolutions. The tips are:

  1. Prioritize 3 Goals: One habit to stop, one new thing to start, and one successful thing to continue doing.
  2. Engage with Others: Share your resolutions with other people. This will help keep you accountable and also give you a support group to encourage you when your motivation is low.
  3. Track & Celebrate Your Milestones:  Work towards your goals step-by-step and celebrate each milestone you achieve.

tips for setting new years resolutions

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