Top 10 Graduate Skills Valued by Employers

With graduation right around the corner, a year’s worth of job seekers will be hitting the market in a few short months. And while college does a great job of preparing people for the real world (read: sarcasm), there are a few necessary skills that teachers and advisors didn’t tell you about when it comes to looking for a job.

Fortunately, World Economic Forum did a study dubbed the Future of Jobs Report in which they studied what skills employers value when it comes to bringing on new hires. This list cultivated the top 10 skills used to decide who to call back and who to send him.

Check out the list below so you can get a head start on your job search today.

  • Critical Thinking – The last thing an employer wants to deal with this little things falling through the cracks. If you can prove your merit when it comes to critical thinking, you’ll be good as gold.
  • People Management – Even if you aren’t applying for a management position, employers love to know that you have the ability to delegate work when necessary. Otherwise, both of you are going to end up burnt out before the end of the interview.
  • Coordinating with Others – While remote jobs have been on the rise lately, every position on the market deals with some level of coordination. Being able to work with others is integral to impressing employers.
  • Complex Problem Solving – Almost every job consists of solving a problem. A lot of them are complex. It makes sense that employers value this skill more than anything else.
  • Active Listening – This skill is one of the easiest things to showcase in an interview. Don’t interrupt and engage in the conversation. You’ll get the job and become a better person.
  • Judgement and Decisions Making – Making the right decision is hard, even for CEOs. But if you can show that you have the foundation for good judgement, the choice will be easy when it comes to your employment.
  • Service Orientation – An unhappy customer makes for an unhappy boss. And if you want to make sure you get the job, prove to them that you are able to make service a priority.
  • Quality Control – A good employee knows to measure twice and cut once. Employers look for diligence when it comes to quality and a job interview is the perfect place to showcase this skill.
  • Negotiation – Whether you are in sales, marketing or engineering, a good negotiator can get a lot done in a short period of time. Work on this skill to jump to the top of the candidate list.
  • Creativity – While this item is on the bottom of the list, make no mistake: employers value creativity. How else do you think they come up with all the incredible ideas that have graced the tech world?
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