MassChallenge Announces 128 Finalist Startups for 2016

MassChallenge, one of the leading startup-friendly accelerators in the Boston area, has released their roundup of 128 participating startups for this year.

The 128 startups listed represent nine countries and sixteen U.S. states, will go through MassChallenge’s four-month program. Not only will participation guarantee these startups access to co-working space, industry resources, and mentoring support from various industry leaders.

The finalist pool was compiled from over 1,700 international applicants, representing a diverse mix of perspectives and backgrounds and 800 investors, serial entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and academic professionals in their fields.

MassChallenge Boston managing director Scott Bailey was quoted in an official statement about the new crop of finalists:

“We received consistent feedback from our judges about the quality of applicants this year, and I’m confident we’ll have an incredibly high-caliber class of entrepreneurs joining us in Boston. These entrepreneurs will be challenged throughout the program to impact communities and provide disruptive solutions across a wide range of industries. Be on the lookout for them this summer!”

The program will culminate on Nov. 2 with the MassChallenge Boston Awards Ceremony, where finalists will pitch their startups for a chance to win a total of $1.5 million in zero-equity cash awards.

MassChallenge, in its seventh year running this accelerator program, has a global network of more than 830 alumni startups and have raised over $1.3 billion in funding and over $575 million in revenue. With all of the startups efforts, more than 8,500 jobs as of April 2016.

You can check the full list of finalists here:

Energy / Clean Tech

ABA Power (USA – Massachusetts)

ABA Power, an MIT clean power generation tech. It’s energy dense and reliable as fuel, compact and convenient as Li-Ion and safer than both.

Battery Resourcers, LLC (USA – Massachusetts)

Battery Resourcers, LLC recycles spent li-ion battery, to directly synthesize new cathode materials, which can be used in new batteries.

Catalyst for World Water (USA – Massachusetts)

Catalyst for World Water catalyzes sustainable solutions for the global water crisis by harnessing solar energy for water purification.

CoolComposites, Inc. (USA – Massachusetts)

CoolComposites is using materials chemistry to make buildings more energy efficient without making them more expensive.

Electra Vehicles, Inc. (USA – Massachusetts) Not public at this time.

LeakSpotter (USA – Massachusetts)

Toilet leaks are huge water wasters and are mostly detected only after getting a huge water bill. Our thumbsized device solves this problem.

Modvion (Sweden)

Modvion develops modular tall wind power towers in composite material, generating increased output and decreasing costs.

Surge Hydro (USA – Maine)

80,000 dams in America don’t produce electricity. The potential waiting to be tapped is enough to power 4.8 million homes. It’s time to tap.

uLink (USA – Massachusetts)

We enable developing world energy service providers to quickly develop and easily manage low-cost, modular microgrids in off-grid areas.


3DFortify (USA – Massachusetts) Not public at this time. (USA – Massachusetts) is a technology company that designs your favorite workday, every day. fuses your favorite workday with that of your coworkers into a singular day.

Analytical Space (USA – Massachusetts) Not public at this time.

Archer Roose, LLC (USA – Massachusetts)

Archer Roose is disrupting the wine industry through innovative sourcing model that delivers an artisan quality wine at an affordable price.

Asarasi Sparkling Tree Water (USA – Connecticut)

Asarasi is pioneering the recovery of a newly discovered byproduct of maple processing; bottling pure, biological, waters from maple trees.

Cnature (Israel) Not public at this time.

De-Ice (USA – Massachusetts) Not public at this time.

Farmer Willie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer (USA – Massachusetts)

Farmer Willie’s Alcoholic Ginger beer is ginger with soul. Our all natural recipe is the best ginger beer you will ever find.

Fetch Park (USA – Rhode Island)

Fetchpark is a transponder-based, app-complemented, automated parking service that alleviates the stress of city parking.

Force SV, LLC (USA – Virginia)

Force SV Technologies, LLC aims to develop safe, effective, and environmental methods to further advance the fire protection industry.

Hive Maritime, Inc. (USA – Massachusetts)

Hive Maritime is revolutionizing the shipping industry, using predictive analytics and machine learning to save billions in inefficiencies.

Lumit Audio (USA – Massachusetts)

Lumit, a professional, affordable, and easy-to-learn music recording application for the modern mobile musician.

Lux Labs (USA – Massachusetts)

Advanced optical materials company using nanomaterials to control light, improve optics, and reduce energy consumption.

New Grounds Food (USA – Massachusetts)

New Grounds Food created the CoffeeBar: an organic, vegan, and gluten-free energy bar infused with a full cup of coffee.

Personal Mattress. (USA – Massachusetts)

Personal Mattress is the only customizable sleep system that combines crowd sourced & your unique body data to let you sleep healthier.

Pzartech (Israel)

Pzartech contribute to reducing unplanned downtime through spare parts recognition and 3D printing of spare parts.

Safi Organics (Kenya) Not public at this time.

Spyce (USA – Massachusetts)

The Spyce Kitchen is the world’s first automated restaurant. It autonomously cooks and serves healthy, delicious meals w very low overhead.

Stokes All Natural Firestarters, LLC (USA – Massachusetts)

All natural, non-chemical firestarter made with recycled pulp, wax and sustainably harvested wood sawdust. Use with wood/charcoal.

Tellus Labs (USA – Massachusetts)

We turn satellite imagery into signals built to drive better decisions. Our customers are in government, finance, insurance and business.

The Optimist Co. (USA – Massachusetts)

Disrupting the cleaning aisle with recognizable ingredients and products, The Optimist Co. teaches you to make yourself DIY.

Tranquilo, LLC (USA – Massachusetts)

Tranquilo is a portable, soothing mat that calms crying babies in seconds by mimicking the sounds and motions of the womb.

Whole Heart Provisions (USA – Massachusetts)

Whole Heart Provisions is a fast casual, plant-based culinary startup serving delicious, fast, and environmentally conscious food.

Yonward (USA – Massachusetts) Not public at this time.

Zasaka Agro Limited (Zambia)

We focus on increasing small-scale farmer incomes through, extension training, sustainable production and marketing of quality legume seed.

Zombait (USA – Massachusetts)

Zombait lures save fishermen time and money by putting the life back into fishing bait! Live bait effective. Dead bait easy.

Healthcare / Life Sciences

#1 (USA – Massachusetts)

We combined wireless muscle activity detectors and moisture sensors to provide a revolutionary solution for urinary incontinence.

Adhesys Medical (USA – Texas)

Next generation surgical glue based on polyurethane: Fast, strong flexible and biodegradeble it can be used in unprecedented surgeries.

Angiex Inc (USA – Massachusetts)

Angiex is pioneering a vascular therapy for solid tumors. In preclinical studies, an Angiex antibody-drug conjugate regressed solid tumors.

Antera Therapeutics (USA – Massachusetts)

Antera is preventing allergy development in infants – ask your doctor about Aralyte today.

bosWell (USA – Massachusetts) Not public at this time.

BRAINCO (USA – Massachusetts)

With brainwave controlled robotic prosthesis, BrainCo brings the control back to you and empowers you to live life to the fullest.

CareHood (Israel)

CareHood is where caregivers & their loved ones can discover what can help them & let their friends & family pitch in.

Coeo Labs Private Limited (India) Not public at this time.

ConquerX (USA – Delaware)

ConquerX develops a minimally invasive blood test that can detect up to 18 types of cancer based on cutting-edge microRNA sensor technology.

Courageous Parents Network (USA – Massachusetts)

Courageous Parents Network empowers and supports parents caring for children with life-threatening illness via web and mobile.

D&P Bioinnovations, LLC (USA – California)

D&P Bioinnovations is focused on repairing damaged organs. We are developing an implantable medical device to regrow a damaged esophagus.

Dover Lifesciences (USA – Massachusetts) Not public at this time.

enginologi Inc. (USA – Massachusetts)

B2B SaaS company offering analytical engines that optimize the message, offer, and channel mix to achieve higher sales.

EVA: EMR-Virtual-Assistant (USA – Massachusetts) Not public at this time.

Herald (USA – Massachusetts)

Herald is on a mission to make healthcare safer by offering clinicians real­-time access to clinical data exactly when and how they want it.

High Q Imaging (USA – Massachusetts)

Through cost-first engineering and advanced algorithms, our portable MRI aims to substantially reduce the price of medical imaging

Hyasynth Bio (Canada)

Hyasynth Bio is making cannabinoid-based therapeutics possible by changing the supply from the crude plant source to industrial yeast.

LambdaVision, Inc. (USA – Connecticut)

LambdaVision is developing a protein-based retinal implant to restore vision to the millions blinded by retinal degenerative diseases.

Luminopia (USA – Massachusetts)

Luminopia is bringing revolutionary virtual reality technology to the treatment of underserved visual disorders.

mDoc (Nigeria)

We are a digital health company that aims to dramatically improve access to high quality healthcare by leveraging technology interfaces.

MiMecore Therapeutics, LLC (USA – Massachusetts)

MiMecore Therapeutics is developing a novel therapeutic approach to disrupt age-related change to skin.

NangioTx (USA – Texas)

NangioTx aims to create the latest in materials-based tissue regenerative therapies.

NanoTechGalaxy (USA – New York)

Deep learning in medical imaging to create smart diagnostic assistants for radiologists.

Neuromotion (USA – Massachusetts)

Digital mental health through mobile bioresponsive videogames.

New View Surgical, Inc. (USA – Massachusetts)

Minimally invasive surgical imaging firm that redefines and simplifies laparoscopic surgery with our novel,cost-effective VisionPort device.

Noex (USA – Massachusetts)

Noex is turning any ordinary orthopedic brace into a smart brace, bringing data to at-home physical therapy.

Nuri I/O (Israel) Not public at this time.

Optimede (Korea)

Endoscopic related Healthcare-Associated Infections impact 130,000 patients annually. Optimede we help to eliminate this source of HAI.

PathoVax (USA – Massachusetts)

PathoVax is transforming the multi-billion HPV vaccine market with RGVax to target all cancer-causing HPVs neglected by current offerings.

PICCPerfect (USA – Massachusetts)

We help chronically ill patients by creating stylish and functional medical accessories that build confidence and ease treatment.

Precise Portions (USA – Virginia)

Precise Portions produce Turnkey Portion Control Dinnerware Systems for all ages; includes visual guides for portion mgmt. & dietary needs.

QSM Diagnostics Inc. (USA – Massachusetts)

QSM Dx uses a proprietary instrument-sensor to identify common infectious bacteria in bodily fluids within 1 minute at the point-of-care.

Signature Orthodontics (USA – Massachusetts) Not public at this time.

Sonique (USA – Massachusetts) Not public at this time.

Spriteli (USA – Massachusetts)

Spriteli is a digital health company seeking to improve outcomes and lower cost for mental healthcare.

Therapeutic Innovations (USA – Massachusetts)

We aim to redesign and reduce the cost of medical devices and hope that someday ALL children will have access to modern healthcare.

Tympanogen, Inc. (USA – Virginia)

We are commercializing the first gel patch for nonsurgical repair of eardrum perforations.

XenoTherapeutics, Inc. (USA – Massachusetts)

XenoTherapeutics is a nonprofit entity seeking to further xenotransplantation by bringing xenoskin graft technology from the lab to patients.

High Tech

AR Spirit (USA – Massachusetts) Not public at this time.

Bansen Labs (USA – Pennsylvania)

Our Xogo platform unlocks the world of consumer technology for 1 billion people worldwide with disabilities who desperately want access.

BeautyLynk (USA – Massachusetts)

BeautyLynk is an on-location hair and makeup service for women of color.

Boréas Semiconductor (USA – Massachusetts) Not public at this time.

Buttery (USA – Massachusetts)

Discover & order craft beer & premium spirits from top local stores. Get it delivered in under 60 minutes.

ClimaCell (USA – Massachusetts)

ClimaCell creates the world’s most accurate weather forecasts using the power of cellular networks.

Cyclops (USA – Massachusetts) Not public at this time.

Describli (USA – District of Columbia)

We give self-publishing authors the sales and marketing tools and data they need to find, connect with, and sell to their readers.

Ekko Audio, LLC (USA – Florida)

HUB by ekko is the world’s first Hi-Fi Wi-Fi hub for headphones and speakers.

EMBR Labs (USA – Massachusetts)

EMBR Labs is harnessing the power of temperature and changing the way people think about personal comfort.

EYL Inc (Korea)

EYL secures Internet of Things with an affordable micro quantum random number generator using radioisotope to replace less secure software.

Franklin Robotics (USA – Massachusetts) Not public at this time.

Gadfly Legal Technologies (USA – Massachusetts)

LeasePilot streamlines the documentation of commercial leases and converts them into data to deliver value to property owners and law firms.

Geopredict (USA – Massachusetts)

Mission-critical solution that enables better exploration decisions, improves the odds of finding viable deposits, and avoid wastefulness.

Gravyty (USA – Massachusetts)

Superior nonprofit fundraising from major donors through accessible predictive analytics. Created by a strong team with a meaningful vision.

KonnecTo (Israel) Not public at this time.

MARKABLE, Inc. (USA – Wisconsin)

See it. Mark it. Shop it. We promise to satisfy fashionistas who see products they want in magazines, in videos and in the streets.

Parachute Teachers (USA – Massachusetts) Not public at this time.

Parkloco (USA – Massachusetts)

Parkloco increases revenue for parking facilities by providing data analytics and sharing the data with multiple consumer channels.

PiraShield (USA – Massachusetts)

PiraShield is an anti-piracy search engine, that scans the web to identify and tactically remove pirated links of any eLearning video course.

Polis (USA – Massachusetts)

Easy and scalable door-to-door outreach software for campaigns and organizations.

RateGravity (USA – Massachusetts)

RateGravity is redefining the mortgage qualification process and delivering lower rates to borrowers through its local lender marketplace.

Retouch (USA – California) Not public at this time.

Rover Development (USA – Minnesota)

Rover develops new IoT concepts focused on consumer engagement with their everyday things.

RoyalRoadL (Israel) Not public at this time.

SalesBrief (USA – Rhode Island)

SalesBrief is a software platform that helps a company execute a repeatable sales process and provide a frictionless buying experience.

Sea Machines Robotics (USA – Massachusetts)

Sea Machines Robotics is a Boston-based startup developing Autonomous Control & Navigation Systems for marine vessels.

Searchin (Israel) Not public at this time.

SherpaDesk (USA – Georgia)

The complete help desk, time tracking and invoicing solution for professional service organizations.

Sonic Bloom (USA – Massachusetts)

We’re bringing the emotional impact of music to software-driven experiences on the web and beyond.

Spaces to Go (USA – Massachusetts)

Spaces to Go is the airbnb for recreational space. Our platform turns idle athletic space into cash for private rec facility owners.

Spero Devices, Inc. (USA – Massachusetts) Not public at this time.

Spots (USA – Massachusetts)

Spots is a real-time engagement platform that connects businesses and customers.

StreetInfoTech LLC (USA – Massachusetts)

ParkWise is a crowd-sourcing mobile app providing drivers with real-time info about free and soon-to-be free street parking spots nearby.

Suspect Technologies (USA – Massachusetts) Not public at this time.

TapLink (USA – Massachusetts)

TapLink’s technology, called “blind hashing” is a completely new way to secure passwords, and protect customer data.

The NewsCoin (USA – North Carolina)

The NewsCoin is a micropayments aggregator for media companies, using blockchain technology to allow direct monetization of pageviews.

VRDoodler (USA – Massachusetts)

VRDoodler is a browser-based 3D drawing platform that offers low-level content creation for Virtual Reality.

Water Hero (USA – Massachusetts)

Plumbing catastrophe avoidance for everyone. Stops pipe bursts & small costly plumbing leaks. SmartPhone controlled & easy to install.

WERK (USA – New York)

WERK is a platform of innovative, career advancing, flexible work arrangements from top companies for professional women.

Wise Systems (USA – Massachusetts)

Wise Systems provides enterprise software to help companies make realtime delivery decisions.

Social Impact

Apprendis (USA – Massachusetts)

Apprendis gives educators a GPS on kids’ science and critical thinking skills as they experiment with virtual labs.

Donii (USA – Massachusetts)

Donii is the smart city’s answer to alleviating material need. We make it easy to donate stuff directly to the people who need it most.

Health Advocacy Innovations, Inc (USA – Massachusetts)

Solving neglected global health issues in a low-tech, high impact way.

Joulez (USA – Massachusetts) Not public at this time.

Movia Robotics LLC (USA – Connecticut)

Movia provides collaberative robotics for a variety of markets, assistive teaching of Special Ed, STEM and other service areas. (USA – Massachusetts) is a gamified platform for environmental activism. Help shape your great granddaughter’s future by taking action today.

Skylight Games (USA – Massachusetts)

Skylight Games is a social enterprise aiming to inspire a love of learning through play. Lyriko: Learn Languages with Music is our first app.

Solstice (USA – Massachusetts)

Solstice grows the market for clean energy by providing community-shared solar power to Americans that cannot install it on their own roof.

SpectrumVR (USA – Massachusetts) Not public at this time.

Technologies Against Assault (TAA) (USA – Rhode Island) Not public at this time.

Tembo Education (USA – Florida)

Tembo created a Home Educator network using mobile phones to educate 0-6 year old children in slums.

The Happy Hope Factory (USA – Massachusetts)

The Happy Hope Factory, 501c3 charity, inspires communities nationwide to share HOPE packaging “Happy Hope Bags” for hospitalized children.

Ubuntu Capital (USA – Massachusetts)

Ubuntu Capital is a marketplace for contract-based services; we facilitate, document, and grow the informal economy in urban Africa.

WeThrive (USA – California)

An entrepreneurial mentoring program pairing college students with middle school and high school students of low-income households.

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