Top 4 Android Apps to Track Your Sleep

Do you find yourself waking up feeling exhausted? Almost as if you hardly slept at all? Do you toss and turn all night trying to get to sleep and then find yourself just starting to doze off minutes before your alarm goes off? After countless hours of lost sleep, your day can feel like a lifetime and your coffee supply appears to be endless. These 4 Android apps will help you to track your sleeping patterns so you can determine what it is that is preventing you from catching your much needed zzz’s. You will be able to peacefully slip into an undisturbed state of slumber and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.

1. Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android app enables you to track your sleeping habits by connecting your phones attachable sensors. It monitors your state of sleep, your lack of sleep and even your snoring habits. It then compiles a report which you can easily access. This app also has a wake easy function that works in conjunction with your alarm, as it slowly and gently wakes you up with a variety of soothing sounds. You can pair this app with a variety of devices such as your Galaxy Gear and link the information between many other apps including Google Fit and S Health. You can also visit their website to know more about its features.

2. Sleep Better with Runtastic

Sleep Better

Sleep Better app helps you to determine how your daily activities affect your sleeping habits. It gives you the option to input your daily caffeine and alcohol intake. It also provides a variety of peaceful alarms to gently wake you up in the morning. Simply by placing your phone next to your pillow, this app can provide information regarding your sleep duration as well as track your different sleep cycles. It even comes with a dream diary where you can log and keep track of your different types of dreams. If you find yourself waking up grumpy, you can also log your mood. The app will help to determine if your mood is related to your sleeping patterns.

3. SleepyTime


SleepyTime app can actually help you build and monitor an accurate sleeping schedule based on the different states of sleep cycles. Although you may already have a set sleeping schedule and make a point to get your 7hrs of recommended sleep per night, the app will help you to determine what time you should go to sleep and when you need to wake up in order to avoid waking up during one of the different sleep cycles. You will find yourself waking up beautifully refreshed and will be able to power through your day with a lot more energy.

4. SleepBot


SleepBot app helps you to stay on track with your sleep schedule by using alarms to alert you of time to go to bed and when you need to wake up. It provides a variety of tools to help you fall asleep and then monitors movement and sounds all of which is recorded and displayed in an easy to read graph. It allows you to compare sounds to movements and logs your snoring and sleep talking habits. You can take a tour of their website to know more about its features.

Our busy lifestyles, nutritional habits and stress can all have a major impact on the way we sleep. With the help of these apps, paying strong attention to your sleep habits and patterns can make a world of difference. The time it takes to fall asleep will be mere seconds as you effortlessly fall into a comfortable restless slumber and you will find yourself pleasantly waking up with ease.

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