Top 5 Apps to Check Out This Week: Fabric, Posy and More

Whether you are looking to re-create the movie, The Holiday, or need some fashion advice this week’s apps feature a wide assortment of games, journals, and more.



Fabric is the companion of the chronicler, the nostalgic and those with wanderlust. This location-based app journals the places you have been and the people you hung out with, complete with pictures and maps. It uses your phone’s GPS, accelerometer and step counter to analyze movements and data to arrive with visuals of your experiences.

You and your followers can tag each other so the app can record your interactions and activities so that one day, you can laugh – or cry — all about it during get-togethers and reunions. For the traveler in an unfamiliar country, the app is a good way to retrace your steps as well.

Download Fabric free in the App Store and let the story of your life write itself.

Love Home Swap

Accommodation fees usually take up a good chunk of the total travel budget so we have found an app which would save you a ton when on your holidays. Love Home Swap is an app where you can swap homes with other members all around the world.

With 95,000 members, we are sure you can find a home – from the cozy to the unbelievable — that you prefer to swap with. You can chat with any member, read reviews from others and check out all the details before you agree or decline. It comes with no contacts, a Trip Protection Service, their very own Member Services team to assist you.

The app is free to download in the App Store but membership fees apply after a two-week trial period should you choose to sign up.


Fashion emergency: You are super excited for your holiday vacation but simply cannot make up your mind what to stuff your suitcases with! When a mirror will not suffice and a chic bestie is out of reach, Posy will come to your rescue. Simply snap a picture of yourself, upload it with your inquiry and quickly see feedback from your co-fashionistas just when you need it. Your savvy community can vote with either thumbs down or the heart icon, and/or give their sought-after comments and opinions to get you to looking good in no time.

In contrast to other social media accounts where your followers check out your posts just for the sake of gossip and give you feedback for the mere act of being able to comment or click ‘like’, the Posy community is really in it for the fashion. You can also discuss looks with other users, earn and give compliments and karma points, view trending looks and connect with other fashion gurus.

Upload and share your OOTDs today by downloading Posy free in the App Store.

Warpy Leap

Warpy Leap is a game for travelers — time travelers, that is — set out to explore and take their adventures through different eras. In the game, the aim is to collect as much star fuel as possible during your warp experience and not die in the process. If you cannot help expiring though, fear not as your time machine comes with auto death time reversal capabilities. Eternal warping anyone?

Warpy Leap is available to download free in the App Store.

Worm Drop

Another game to kill time while waiting for your flight or during down times on road trips! Looking at the cute and colorful visuals, this game might fool you into thinking that you can play it with ease. But feeding little baby birds with their favorite worms takes more concentration and skill and people have been battling for high scores since this was launch. Worm Drop comes with a simple game play but can be a handful of challenge and can be addicting at the same time. The game tests your skills and reflexes while giving you interesting background visuals every time your progress, including levels with different seasons and different places around the world.

Worm Drop is free to download in the App Store.

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