Top 5 Apps to Check Out This Week: Star Trek Wrath of Gems, Sploops, More

We tend to spend so much time in the company of our smart handsets, so an additional five minutes every day interacting with a great app is well worth your investment, I think. It’s your call: You can use that time to relax your brain while playing a game, prove your fanhood, learn a piece of music, or anything else you prefer. So, without further ado, here is my app recipe for this week.


You may possibly know what Vine is, and you may already use it. If you do, pepper that app with sports and you get Sploops, the social network for sports fans. The app’s founders want to revolutionize the sports-watching experience, especially for those in the stadium. Feel free to speak up and share your opinion on anything sports-related with Sploops! Download the app for free from the App Store.


Star Trek: Wrath of Gems

I have written about Star Trek: Wrath of Gems before, and I’m mentioning the game again, as it was recently updated with a nice feature called “Spock with friends”. Now you can invite your Facebook friends to play, send them in-game gifts, and view each other’s progress in campaign mode. Download Star Trek: Wrath of Gems from the App Store for free!


Transcribe+ Elegant Slow Downer and Time Strecher

For everyone who loves music and wants to learn music, here is a neat app available for free from the App Store: Transcribe+. It’s an elegant way to help you learn any piece of music by ear. The developers focused on touch-based interactions, so don’t go looking for cumbersome buttons or sliders, simply swipe left or right to adjust the speed, or up or down to adjust the pitch. Try Transcribe+ now and learn your favorite tune. Download Transcribe+ from the App Store.


Handbrake Valet

You are driving a car and want to park it at full speed “to save time” using the handbrake. Is this something you can do? Don’t do it in real life; instead, play Handbrake Valet to get an idea what are you capable of. Download Handbrake Valet for free from the App Store.


Cola Messenger

This app aims to be the one-stop-shop for all your daily matters such as scheduling, making decisions, and coordinating tasks without the need to jump into other apps. It uses what the developers call “Cola Bubbles” to speed up the scheduling process, to track your or your co-worker’s location, to develop to-do lists, and to assign tasks, so it’s pretty neat. Test Cola Messenger by downloading it from the App Store!



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