Top 5 Enterprise Mobility Challenges

Enterprise mobility solutions can present a number of challenges for businesses on an implementation level. At times it can seem like a minefield, but when enterprises quickly identify these challenges and overcome them in order to deploy an innovative enterprise mobility strategy. So what are the more common challenges?



This is generally the biggest concern for businesses when it comes to deploying an enterprise mobility solution. While Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has brought so many benefits for businesses, including the likes of increased productivity and cost saving, it has also brought with it many security challenges.

Adopting a BYOD strategy can lead to security risks, especially among enterprise CIO’s. Keeping sensitive corporate information secure is critical and therefore you can’t be too careful when it comes to BYOD.

Enterprise mobility management solutions will ensure business information is kept secure and only accessible to those who need to access it. Focusing on managing apps rather than devices can tackle these security concerns.

A good MAM (Mobile Application Management) solution will offer your enterprise flexibility and your IT department to apply different policies for different applications.

Providing Mobile Data Access

It’s one thing mobilizing your workforce, however, employees need to be able to access company data on the go in order to make quick and decisive decisions.

Employees need access to the data that’s available in the office. Live data access from mobile devices will ensure your business and employees remain effective and efficient.

But once again, this does present some more security concerns. Enterprises must enable users to easily share data inside and outside the business with secure file sharing that’s integrated with backup.

App Distribution

Making enterprise apps easily accessible can be quite complicated, from installing directly to each device to providing employees and users with tools to install themselves. This has created issues with managing UDID (Unique Device Identification) numbers to changing devices and more common BYOD policies.

More and more often, businesses are employing MAM services to manage app accessibility for users and the security of the content within the apps. Distribution needs to be thought through thoroughly to ensure all users have access to the app when required. Some enterprise applications can even be deployed on the consumer store, but be aware as anybody can then utilize the app. Therefore a suitable login process needs to be implemented.

Legacy Back-End System Integration

Legacy back-end systems do a great job managing your business processes and keep operations running smoothly. While mobile plays a role for 73% of organizations, nearly half of businesses identify back-end integration (43%) as a top challenge for mobile app development, according to new research from Red Hat.

With enterprises becoming more mobile-centric, many are hitting a wall when it comes to back-end integration. In order to overcome these types of challenges, businesses need to maximize efficiency by leveraging mobile platforms to accelerate development while reducing complexity.

Keeping Up With Technology

The mobility market is moving so much quicker than the internet did. With this in mind, technology is evolving rapidly. Therefore IoT, wearable tech and native capabilities of mobile devices (tablets and mobiles) are ever increasing.

There is some good news, however, as there are lots of possibilities for enterprise. On the other hand, the bad news is understanding this complicated landscape with a small internal team is very difficult.

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