The Top 50 Startups at Innovate! and Celebrate 2016

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The startup world is inherently competitive. While other startups are vying for the attention of your potential customer base, founders and employees alike are competing amongst each other to prove their worth in this dog-eat-dog world. At Innovate! and Celebrate there will be a little competition among peers as Tech.Co is holding the 4th annual Startup of the Year competition.

Throughout 2016, Tech.Co held events and online competitions to find the top emerging startups around the world. After 1,000 applications and a whirlwind of judging and scoring and Reader’s Choice poll, Tech.Co has narrowed the field down to these 50 startups and competition at our Silicon Valley conference is expected to be quite exciting.

So who are these budding startups hoping to change the world with their innovative ideas? What kind of revolutionary technology will be on display during the competition for all to see? Well, you’ll have to read below to find out!


My Flow from San Francisco, CA

To eliminate menstrual anxiety & leakage, this company developed the world’s first tampon monitor, providing real time updates on tampon saturation level.

Cariloop from Dallas, TX

Cariloop provides comprehensive services and tools that help families plan for and manage the care of aging loved ones. The company offers qualified healthcare coaches through a variety of channels and online case management tools for easy accessibility to a complete solution.

Cocoon Cam from San Francisco, CA

Cocoon Cam is movement-tracking health monitor for babies that track their chest movements through a camera and patent-pending technology. Through the app, you can receive smartphone notifications when your child needs attention, or check on them and their respiratory rate through the video live feed from any time and location.

Wellness Realities from Palo Alto, CA

Wellness Realities is the leadership in the wellness virtual reality, augmented reality and wearable platforms, implementing cumulative experiences to produce top-quality products and services.

Optia Health from Los Angeles, CA

This mobile app helps patients find the right doctor for their needs based on their specific location and insurance.

LeapCure from Los Angeles, CA

This company recruits, screens, and engages patients for clinical trials faster and more efficiently than any other solution available on the market.

Advanced Bone Technology from Fargo, ND

SimuBone is a patent-­pending platform combining engineered materials with a specialized additive manufacturing (3D printing) process to produce the most realistic alternative to human bone available. The product could provide the experience of working on a human body – a standard for device, therapy, and procedure development is human cadaver or animal testing.

Innamed from Philadelphia, PA

InnaMed is an at-home blood testing health device that allows you to track and measure the same important health indicators that many doctors use to assess your overall health. Users can track cholesterol, ALT, identify dietary changes, and more.

Admetsys from Boston, MA

Admetsys has developed an artificial pancreas for hospital and surgical care, leveraging adaptive learning algorithms and counterbalancing treatment of insulin and glucose for patients during a hospital stay or in surgery. The device helps correct abnormal glucose levels and keeps patients them at normal speeds recovery, prevents infection, and reduces complications during surgeries or in the hospital.

Feather from Fayetteville, AR

Feather is an online platform that helps families find, hire, and coordinate with independent caregivers in their area. Caregivers are matched with families based on their needs and can manage the care on-the-go.


Cultivating Coders from Albuquerque, NM

Cultivating Coders takes the coding bootcamp model on the road with an 8-week course and train individuals in areas that do not have access to the training and employment opportunities that a coding bootcamp provides.

7 Generation Games from Santa Monica, CA

Adventure video games that make you smarter. This company creates video games that combine math, history and adventure gaming. Calculate the size of an invading army, compute the amount of medicine needed to save your tribe from an epidemic – or experience death in their virtual world.


Hirekeep from Washington, DC

Hirekeep is an employee matching service that fits your goals, personalities, not just your work experience. The platform unique Candidate Match Profile is based on your personality, values, goals, skill-set, and various other factors. Once you accept a match with a job position, HireKeep will automatically schedule an interview with the company.

Betagig from Los Angeles, CA

Betagig is a new app where for the first time ever you can job shadow different careers and find out what you love.

CareerPodium from Chicago, IL

CareerPodium has built an interactive platform to disrupt the confusing world of job hunting.

Fetch from Birmingham, AL

Fetch is a talent-driven hiring platform. The company matches talent with employers in a transparent and unbiased way that is affordable for all companies.

NexusEdge from Los Angeles, CA

This company connects students and career seekers with mentors to provide inside career insight into any company or industry.

Valor Connect from Bethlehem, PA

Valor Connect is a networking app that uses compatibility to suggest new professionals for you to meet each day.


Vuga Pay from Kigali, Rwanda

With 75 percent of Africa using mobile money accounts, this cross-network mobile money platform allows you to send and receive mobile payments. Pay your bills, shop online and pay through websites, donate to your charity, and more, in over eight countries as well as take payments.

Peanut Butter from Chicago, IL

Their technology enables employers to offer student loan repayment as a benefit. The company’s team and software consult on plan design, handle employee enrollment, loan verification, and the coordination of payments to the loan service providers.


Lobster from London, England

Lobster is a marketplace for social content where creatives can license digital content from real people on social media. Lobster’s marketplace connects contributors on Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Google and YouTube with media people to find and license their photos and videos for incredibly low prices.

Occasion from Chicago, IL

A scheduling and ecommerce platform to help small business grow their digital business and expand their online presence with ease to create a better user experience that converts to sales. Users can add their image-based class schedules or calendars to numerous website or social media sites.

ShearShare from McKinney, TX

ShearShare connects salon and barbershop owners to individual beauty operators to fill unused salon suites and stations on a temporary basis. Salon and barbershop owners make money on their excess inventory. Licensed cosmetologists and barbers lease suites and booths by the day.

GiveIt from Provo, UT

A donation online marketplace where users can place their unwanted items and get them picked up by participating charities and GiveIt Drivers who need them.

PropSwap from Las Vegas, NV

PropSwap is the first secondary market for sports bets in the history of gambling in Las Vegas. A marketplace where Buyers can purchase sports betting tickets from Sellers, who have listed their bet for sale.

EventYoda from San Francisco, CA

Eventyoda is a curated marketplace that helps teams discover and book their team building activities. The company is passionate about helping build winning teams that work and play together. With 200+ activities to choose from, teams can use these activities to build their unique cultures while having fun.

Real Estate

PodShare from Los Angeles, CA

Pod Share is dormitory style living and working community, where a membership grants access to spaces across the city to co-live, co-work and collaborate. They currently have 50 pods across Los Angeles. They were the winners of the Startup Showcase, Los Angeles.

Abode from Chicago, IL

Abode is a concierge style home buying platform that uses data analytics and online work flow tools to help users maneuver through the home buying process with ease. Other features include matching service for home buyers and services providers (realtors, movers, etc.) throughout the process, document management system, digital payments and its a free service.

ProxBox from Memphis, TN

ProxBox gives your “for sale property” a virtual voice through the use of beacons and smartphone app.

Cloud Services

GrokStream from Aliso Viejo, CA

Grok detects anomalies in cloud services using machine intelligence and resolves issues using automation, creating homeostasis for IT.


Wolo from Santiago, Chile

Wolo is a community that connects people via bucket lists, leverages group buying power, and inspires members to make the most of their life.

Everflux Technologies from Toronto, Canada

Everflux Technologies is designing and building the first small, mass-producible and fully automated anaerobic digester called the Flux Omnivore, that can turn food waste into renewable energy and fertilizer – at the source of the waste, rather than at a central processing facility.

HiLovely from San Francisco, CA

HiLovely offers virtual beauty advice that is 100% personalized by industry experts, unlike anything else on the market today.

HomeyApp from Memphis, TN

HomeyApp is gamifying household chores for families – when kids gather enough points by doing rewards, they can claim prizes or allowance.

BallotReady from Chicago, IL

BallotReady is a non-partisan online vote guide for local elections. Learn about all the candidates running for office in order to make an informed choice at the polls. Their mission is to create a society where every voter can enter the voting booth prepared and BallotReady.

Parihug from Cleveland, OH

Parihug makes pair-able teddy bears that let you virtually hug someone from anywhere in the world. The company pairs two bears through an electronic connection, when one person hugs a bear, the other will receive a vibration letting them know they received a hug.

Tesloop from Los Angeles, CA

Tesloop offers city-to-city shared-car transportation, that leverages both the low cost of electricity and the rapid advancements in autonomous driving technology.

Legal Robot from San Francisco, CA

Legal Robot is automated legal document review using artificial Intelligence to make legal documents less painful for everyone & and improve access to justice.

X-Factor Films from Los Angeles, CA

X-Factor Films is ‘Netflix for millennial women.’ They’re building a streaming platform of the best movies and series (both short and long-form) for an audience that Hollywood serves less than 15% of the time: women!

Laundri from Dallas, TX

Laundri is an on-demand premium laundry and dry cleaning service with a 24-hour turnaround at affordable prices.

Kitchology from Germantown, MD

Kitchology is the first integrated cooking platform that uses big data to help consumers manage special diet requirements. Utilizing machine learning, the platform provides targeted and personalized ingredient substitutions during recipe selection to help users.

Rooam from Washington, DC

Rooam is a mobile payment app that allows customers to pay for drinks, explore local events and find friends at bars, lounges, and clubs. It’s a socially connected mobile payment app that allows customers to pay for drinks, explore local events and find friends at bars, lounges and clubs.”

InsiderBookings from Miami, FL

InsiderBookings is a next-generation travel booking service that gets consumers the best possible prices for their travel reservations, including flights, hotels, and cruises even after they’ve made their initial reservations.  The company asks users to forward their travel confirmation emails to them and help you get a better deal within 24 hours.

On Second Thought from San Francisco, CA

On Second Thought can undo those pesky texting mistakes before anyone knows we’ve made them. All you have to do is swipe your message left or right within moments after hitting “Send.”

PrayerSpark from Las Vegas, NV

This company enables people to send spiritual, interfaith prayers, affirmations and blessings to anyone — while directly helping a community in need.

Content Creation

Xclaim Mobile from Austin, TX

An enterprise-grade mobile offer platform. The company’s proprietary software detects device, location, and wallet type, providing a streamlined experience regardless of type of ad or device used.

CoSchedule from Fargo, ND

CoSchedule is a drag-and-drop plan, publish and execute marketing calendar. Consolidate your social media, project management, marketing, and blogging tools in one place.

Klickly from Santa Monica, CA

Klickly is a data-driven impulse payment solution for social streams and mobile experiences. AI buy-button that powers commerce in ads, emails; Klickly kills the sales funnel, allowing customers to purchase with a touch everywhere.

IADB Websites for Creatives from Redondo Beach, CA

This platform helps creatives, actors and more build a professional website as a way to showcase their creative work online for free in 90 seconds. IADB populates your website using InstaBuild Technology™ and instantly import your data from IMDb, Backstage, Youtube and Vimeo right into your website.

Future Apps from Westland, MI

This companies main service is “FutureBox,” a mobile app that searches for news before it happens. The platform allows users to personalize their news by keywords and sources and receive alarms for disasters.

Candy Lab from Irvine, CA

Candy Lab, Inc. is a full-service Augmented Reality technology company based in Irvine, CA. The Candy Lab team developed an engine that powers augmented reality experiences. Candy Lab has developed proprietary GPS Augmented Reality and Beacon location technologies that pair with intuitive iOS and Android apps.

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