It’s Travel Season: These 3 Apps Make You a Power Traveler

Everyone loves to travel. It’s a simple truth. Whether it’s to the closest big city or halfway across the globe, humans like to get away every now and then; it’s healthy for us. The future of travel looks bright because it is becoming easier and cheaper than ever, mostly due to modern tech and mobile apps. Check out these three options below and get ready to use some of those vacation days at work.

Wayfare – Wayfare is going to be your power move if you are looking to get out of the country on your next adventure. Wayfare is an app available on both iOS and Android and it is your modern day version of a penpal.  With the app, you connect with users from other countries and have seven days to talk with them. If you would like to continue your conversation, it is recommended you pursue friendship on other social media platforms or email.


There is a lot of potential for travel with the Wayfare app. The main thing is if don’t want the “tourist experience” when you travel, and are more interested in a satisfying in-depth look at the country you’re interested in. Wayfare is perfect for that. Set your boarding pass to the desired country and wait to be connected with someone from that country. From there you can get to know your penpal and start figuring out the spots to go if you’re looking for an authentic experience. And who knows, maybe if you hit it off with your pen pal, you’ll even have a free couch to crash on.

Roomlia – If sleeping on couches or paying full price for hotels isn’t your thing, then Roomlia is the way to go. Started by two former Expedia employees, Roomlia allows you to search and book discounted hotel rooms up to seven days in advance. Their competitors on the other hand typically only allow for discounts on the day of booking.

roomlia app

You simply pick your city, search through a list of hotels, and you’re only a two steps away from booking your room. As an added bonus, larger discounts will be flagged in red when searching through hotels, making them easy to find. These are very limited time offers, however, and must be snagged quickly. Continue to shop around and Roomlia will take notice, and offer you new deals; sometimes 30 minutes after you start browsing. Once you decide on a hotel, you’re one ‘left swipe’ away from being connected directly to your hotel to finalize the booking. This is another way Roomlia can typically offer better deals, they maintain working relationships with the hotels. Roomlia makes the entire process super simple, putting it well ahead of similar apps.

Roadtrippers – Maybe you’re just looking to hop in the car and spend a weekend exploring; Roadtrippers will guide the way for you. With their mobile app you can set in a destination and Roadtrippers will give you step by step directions on how to get there. But any GPS can do that, the real brilliance in the app is that you can ‘swipe’ at any time during your adventure to see nearby attractions. Whether you’re looking for offbeat attractions like the World’s Largest Ball of Yarn or looking to sample some authentic Texas BBQ from a little known restaurant, Roadtrippers will tell you about it.

If you’re planning on taking a vacation (or traveling for work) soon, make sure to check out all three of these apps. They help alleviate some of the pain usually associated with taking trips. Get insider information from locals in other countries with Wayfare, book your hotel (cheaply!) with Roomlia, and then get the perfect itinerary with Roadtrippers. Happy adventures!


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