5 Ways to Use White Papers for Lead Generation

Generating white papers or research that can be shared with customers or the public can help give your company credibility in the space and help build lead generation. We asked five founders how they use case studies to their advantage and generate leads.

Showcase What Is Going On at Your Company

We use them as proof that Aligned Signs is nothing but great quality in services and products. It also helps us figure out what features people are wanting and which are less desired. We share the feedback on our Facebook page and continually ask customers what is it that they love about us, showcasing that we are on the right track. We also love to incorporate testimonials in our newsletters. – Jessica Baker of Aligned Signs

Encourage Honest Communication

Case studies actually have a twofold benefit. Not only do they provide great proof for leads considering working with your business, they can also allow you to connect with your existing customers. I have sat in on several case study interviews in which the customer, though quite happy, aired several grievances about the company that we may never have heard otherwise. – Steven Buchwald of Buchwald & Associates

Create Lead Magnet Content

Case studies and scholarly research can be used to build your list of potential clients or leads when you craft ‘lead magnets.’ A lead magnet is usually just a quick how-to guide that solves a problem. In it, use information from relevant case studies to lend credibility to your work. When it’s finished, entice people to give you their email addresses by signing up to receive your free guide. – Bryan Driscoll of Think Big Marketing

Research Your Customers to Generate Qualified Leads

To build effective case studies, it is important to use market research in conjunction with an ideal client profile. Identify categories relevant to your clients: industries (ex. web design for lawyers), problems (ex. basement floods), processes, competitors, seasonal and others. By combining research with your ideal client profile, you can build effective case studies to generate qualified leads. – Ryan Meghdies of Tastic Marketing

Retarget Your Website Visitors and Leads

Case studies are a great way to build your credibility and show your leads the success that you are able to bring clients just like them. Use Facebook and Google retargeting ads to promote your case studies to people who have visited your website but haven’t converted yet. You can also upload an email list of leads to target while they are going through the sales process. – Todd Giannattasio of Tresnic Media 

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