Vehicle History Will Let You Check Any VIN Number Free

Buying a car is scary, particularly when it’s used. Whether it be an aggressive salesman or a sketchy neighborhood, you’re constantly worried about paying too much for a car that’s going to break down as soon as you put it in drive. Fortunately, there are hundreds of websites and apps that can help you get a comprehensive car report in the click of a button. Unfortunately, they’ll cost you an arm and a leg to do so. Unless, of course, you take advantage of Vehicle History. And you should.

You may remember when Credit Karma took the truly free model to the people. After all the stink made by consumers after turned out to be anything but, they came in and saved the day by providing actually free credit reports to costumers far and wide. Vehicle History wants to do the same for your car report. You shouldn’t have to pay extra to find out whether your thousands of dollars are going to a pile of junk. You are privileged to the knowledge of previous crashes, dubious owners, and a check engine light that just won’t turn off. And Vehicle History is how to get that knowledge for nothing.

“We give people access to a wealth of information related to their cars, and driving in general,” said Jennifer Mitchell, director of business development at Vehicle History in a statement. “You can learn about auto warranties and your driving history, and we even provide people with the owner’s manuals for their cars. In that way we are much more than a service to help people buy used cars.”

As far as the services Vehicle History offers, they are quite extensive. If you’re buying a car, you’ll have all the pertinent information at your fingertips to make the best decision. From recall search services and odometer fraud checks to crash test ratings and Kelley Blue Book reports, there is no end to the information you can glean from this revolutionary website. It can even help you find similar cars for sale by location in order to compare prices for the best deal. And, perhaps most importantly, they’ve got your back.

“Vehicle History was transitioned into a free report with the intention of becoming a viable consumer advocacy resource,” said Mitchell in an interview with Tech.Co. “Our data is sourced from government and state entities, specifically shared for the safety and protection of the public.  Our senior automotive analyst provides studies for the sole purpose of arming our customers with important details.”

The world has become a scary place in some regards. But with technology taking hold in a number of previously-questionable industries, trust has become a big part of business. And while huge corporations and government bodies continue to enjoy their questionably immoral stance on a wide range of issues, startups continue to revolutionize business, making things a little bit easier for the everyday consumer.

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