Visual Content to Rise In 2015

The web world is changing and so are the marketing strategies to promote a business online. It has been said that an image speaks a thousand words, which is going to be true in 2015 as visual content is going to take the lead. How will you use images and visual content to effectively promote a business? This article will deal with this topic based on facts and figures. Take a look at how visutal content will rise in 2015.

1. Visuals have a faster processing speed!

Scientific study reveals that the brain transmits 90% of visual information and visuals have 60,000X faster processing speed than text form (Sources: 3M Corporation and Zabisco). It means with images, the business value could be communicated effectively and quickly.

2. Visuals support high conversions

Visuals in the form of videos increase the website conversions by 86% (Source: Eyeview). Even simple images help increasing the sales volume of any business. A/B tests have proven the rise in conversions due to simple images.

3. Visual content is social

The best advantage of using social media is to spread the word because things easily get shared in different circles. It works well for visual content, which is social media friendly and people feel good sharing vibrant images.

Social media engagement is integral to succeed online according to Google’s latest standards. Particularly, it’s important to impress Google for higher ranks. Images are more share-worthy on social media than text or any other form of content.

4. Infographics increase website traffic

Stats reveal that online businesses using infographics for promotion purposes have seen 12% increase in site traffic. Infographics help in grabbing attention of the target audience quickly and effectively. It needs the help of a graphic designer to come up at an appealing infographic. Creatively developed infographics create brand awareness and are easy to share on different social platforms. People prefer to refer such content for any business, so the expansion is great.

5. Posts with visuals invite more visits

It’s natural that human eye attracts towards images than text form of content. Facebook posts carrying images have double chances of getting comments. The engagement rate of Facebook photo albums is also 180% higher than any other form of posts. Visual-based posts invite 94% more visits than those lacking images and same is true for the engagement rate. How can you dare to ignore images after knowing such facts?

6. More clicks for businesses having appealing images

While searching online, people prefer clicking on businesses carrying images and an appealing photo gallery, and the rate is as high as 60%. The need is to best utilize the images for a business, which could be a logo. Such images could be alt-tagged with the product names to appear at top of the search results.

7. Clear images add value for a business

According to stats, 67% of the consumers prefer businesses with detailed and clear images than considering the customers’ views or the product information provided (Source: MDG Advertising). In some cases, even the picture of a happy female has a strong impact on the prospects, helping the businesses.

8. Visuals don’t force the prospects

Visuals reveal more about the business products without forcing people to know. Hence, buyers make their own, independent decisions without being pressurized. On the other hand, people complain a lot about the constant attack of the businesses through social channels, mobile phones and whatever possible means. Such advertisements are not liked at all. However, visuals work differently, they convince people to think about a business. It’s more like being inspirational without forcing the buyers.

9. Visuals have a quick expression

Unlike typical online content, visuals express what a business is all about and leave a lasting impression as well. Users prefer to see valuable information in less possible time. Visuals could appear in infographics, FB posts, or in slideshares. All these help in building strong business repute.

10. Visuals aren’t tough to create

With vastly accessible photo editing tools, visuals can be created easily. It’s not tough to work with such tools. A little learning and you are ready to start working on your visuals-based content marketing. Such content would have a strong appeal for the target audience.

In 2015, visual content will see a rise and information-rich blogs and articles would go a little down. With wise use of photo gallery posting and editing tools, a business can gain great advantage, as people prefer to get engaged with businesses carrying images. It doesn’t means words will die, but mixing them with visuals will yield great benefits.

What are your plans to utilize visuals in the best interests of your business? Convert your written content into infographics or any other visual form. You will see the response from your prospects and customers.

Share your own views about the visual content, particularly the rise of visuals in 2015, below.

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