VW Electric Microbus Coming by 2022 Renewing VW Bus Obsession

The United States has suffered from a VW bus obsession since the boxy little microbus became a symbol of freedom as a hippie van transporting people and their gear to concerts and anti-war rallies in the 1960’s. My parents had a VW Bus and I remember it vividly because it was like a Transformer; a multi-purpose vehicle, you could literally pop a camper top up and anywhere you stopped could become your campsite. As a kid, there’s nothing cooler than being able to camp anywhere, anytime. Though it was in production for 56 years starting in 1957, the VW bus has been out of Volkswagen’s production line since 2013. But, after a short hiatus, the iconic vehicle is said to be making a comeback with a new VW Electric Microbus which could be available in auto dealerships by 2022.

Lucy VW Camper van by Split the Difference

Photo of the classic Lucy VW Camper van by Split the Difference.

The VW Electric Microbus

The VW Electric Microbus concept car, called the VW I.D. Buzz, made it’s original debut in January at the Auto Show in Detroit. Here’s what we might expect in the electric version of the forthcoming VW bus:

  • All-electric driving range of up to 270 miles
  • Seating for up to eight and two luggage compartments
  • Traction for any terrain with electric all-wheel drive with two motors and 369 horsepower
  • Head-up display projects information via augmented reality
  • Vehicle will feature fully autonomous driving capability
  • Flexible center console with tablet display and Beats Bluetooth loudspeakers can be used outside the vehicle

This week it was spotted on the streets of Pebble Beach (August 16, 2017) as captured by Zelectric Motors on Instagram in this photo (below).

VW Electric Microbus Spotted in Pebble Beach by Zelectric Motors - August 16 2017

VW Electric Microbus Spotted in Pebble Beach by Zelectric Motors – Aug 16, 2017.

At Monterey Car Week it was announced that the VW bus was going to make a comeback with the release of the VW Electric Microbus by 2022.

VW Electric Microbus Photos

Let’s take a closer look at what the VW Electric Microbus might look like with some photographs by Volkswagen.

VW Electric Microbus - Chasing Sunsets

Chase the sunset with the VW Electric Microbus – I.D. Buzz concept.

VW Electric Microbus - Drivers Seat

VW Electric Microbus I.D. Buzz concept has a sleek steering wheel and autonomous mode.

VW Electric Microbus - Reverse Seating

VW Electric Microbus I.D. Buzz Concept offer reverse seating while driving.

VW Electric Microbus - Seating

The VW Electric Microbus offers a flexible seating configuration, this is just one example.

VW Electric Microbus - Battery Drive

The VW Electric Microbus runs a on powerful battery similar to that of a Tesla – this is how it’s configured in the vehicle.

VW Electric Microbuss - Camping Adventures Await

Camping adventures await with the VW Electric Microbus I.D. Buzz concept.

VW Electric Microbus - I.D. Buzz Concept

The VW Electric Microbus has a more aerodynamic silhouette than previous versions.

Finally, watch this video that shows the VW Electric Microbus I.D. Buzz interior and the vehicle in action on a drive.

These images bring a smile to my face. It’s amazing what a camper van can do to bring you a feeling of joy. While 2022 is right around the corner, we can’t help but wish we could get our hands on a VW Electric Microbus sooner.

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