Startup Spotlight: Levitating Decor, Translating Gadgets, And Distracted Drivers

As part of our weekly spotlight series, we’ll be shouting out the most notable startups of the week. There is so much innovation going on that we want to spread the word and keep readers involved. From tech-driven baby food to wristbands that understand your emotional well-being, there is such a diversity of ideas in tech startups, so let’s take full advantage of it.

Little Spoon

Little Spoon is a tech-driven baby food company offering the most nutritious and well-sourced food on the market. Co-founded by female entrepreneurs Michelle Muller and Lisa Barnett, Little Spoon sought to give parents who care about farm-to-table a viable solution to their problem of what to feed their kids.

Barnett was recognized as a Forbed 30 Under 30 VC this year and spent time as a Partner at Sherpa Foundry and as an investor at VC firms Maveron and Dorm Room Fund. Muller has specialized knowledge in the baby food market, also founding Petit Organics, a local fresh baby food delivery service in the United States.

Levitating X

Levitating X is a collection of gravity defying décor including modern dining pieces, elegant works of art and vases, and leather pillows to showcase high-class timepieces and jewelry.   The objects levitate and can rotate using special electromagnetic technology.

Travis the Translator

Travis the Translator is a revolutionary gadget that allows you to speak to almost anyone in the world and be able to understand them, despite a language barrier. Travis breaks these boundaries by translating on the spot in over 80 languages. Travis also gets better with time, learning how you speak and adapting.


Feel is a high-tech wristband that measures bio-signals and gives users an analysis their emotional well-being. And gives them recommendations as to how to improve it. The sensors on the wristband measure electrodermal activity, blood volume pulse and skin temperature, and Feel’s special algorithms takes that information and makes sense of it altogether.


Cellcontrol is a technology focused on stopping distracted drivers from using their phone while driving on the road. The app will notice when you are in the car and driving and will prevent you from being able to access your phone to take selfies, play games, or text your friends. It can be used in business situations with employees who are on the road as well.

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