WhatsApp for Business: How to Communicate and Market

We live in an expensive world where everything has a price, including communication between people. If you own a business, and you are tired of paying tons on money on your SMS, then we have a solution for you: Using WhatsApp for business.

For those hoping to stay connected, text messages have always been the best option. But what do you do when you rely on outsourcing, for example? To avoid huge bills, most of the small businesses turn to WhatsApp.

This application enables you to send text, video, image and audio books, without paying a single buck. If you’re wondering how that is possible, the answer is simple: WhatsApp uses the same mobile data you use for surfing the web and sending emails. The application is suitable for any device, is free of charge and includes an option for the PC.

Suitable for Team Communication

The greatest thing about WhatsApp is that it doesn’t require any kind of training and almost everyone can use it. Since it’s such a popular application, team members learn it quickly or are already hooked on it. The employees can form groups on WhatsApp for business or for a specific project, so instant messages replace emails in most cases. The whole “communication” thing is now fast and easy.

Promotion and Marketing     

WhatsApp can be a powerful tool. Considering that this app is the new SMS, it can be used in marketing and promotion. Unlike email or SMS, it offers higher delivery chances and less restriction on the format. But still, that doesn’t mean spamming your customers with constant WhatsApp messages is a good idea. It is wiser to use this app for connecting with your target audience rather than reaching new users. Promote your business in a creative way!

WhatsApp for Customer Service

When customers reach out to you for help, it’s essential to not make them feel like they are intruding or worse, neglect them altogether. Instead of making them wait a long time on the phone until a solution is found, you could use WhatsApp. A study has shown that most of the clients would always prefer to send a message. However, this may not be the best option for all types of businesses. It works in your favor only if you have a small number of client requests.


Want a tip? Do your follow-ups on WhatsApp for PC, rather than with the classic phone calls. As a result, expect 40% more responses. No one likes phone calls from unknown numbers. Somehow, personal messages are more successful. When using the app for customer communication, people feel more relaxed and more cooperative.

New businesses have been built by using WhatsApp as a platform. Some use it to control their expenses. Others rely on it for new and smart ideas. Either way, using WhatsApp for business can bring an enormous contribution to your company, whether you have just started or you want an upgrade for your already successful business.

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