Eric Koester


As an entrepreneur, I love to help create new products, generate innovative business models, and love to solve intractable problems. My focus is on building and guiding early-stage startups into successful businesses. My first business was shut down due to unfair regulatory interference (my 4th grade lemonade/cookie stand serving golf patrons got the boot by the golf course’s marshall and cart lady). From there I was hooked starting a technology and environmental consulting company in high school, opening a web development shop during college and starting several web and mobile companies.

Currently I am focused on helping Main Street businesses through Main Street Genome, our technology business that delivers insight-as-a-service to help owners reduce risk and improve profitability. I previously cofounded Zaarly, a marketplace to helping amazing entrepreneurs and local service providers make money doing what they love with innovative tools and technology.

Outside of my own startups, I love helping other entrepreneurs and wantrapreneurs. I teach classes at Georgetown University as a professor and serve as an advisor, investor and fan of numerous other startups and entrepreneurs. And in a former life I worked with hundreds of startups as their startup lawyer (working to help them start, raise money, sell or go public) and as an accountant.

Specialties: Small Business, Startups, Big Data, Analytics Consumer Internet, Business Development, legal, PR, SEO, SEM, mobile marketing, finance, venture capital, business strategy, competitive strategy, regulatory risk, mobile payments, Litigation, viral marketing, start-ups, eCommerce, social, angel investing.