Tech.Co Speaker FAQ



Q: I am interested in speaking at a Tech.Co event – how can I get in touch?
A: We’d love to meet you! Please fill out this simple form and we’ll reach back out to you if there’s an opportunity.

Q: Can I have slides/Powerpoint?
A: It depends on the talk and the event. At many events, we find that talks are more engaging with the audience when a speaker does not use slides. Slides can often be very content heavy and actually distracting from what a speaker is trying to talk about. We’d rather speakers focus on telling their story.

Q: What should the style of my talk be?
A:  Be yourself and connect with the audience, make them feel like family. We generally don’t use podiums because we don’t want this to feel like a Sunday sermon. Make yourself comfortable and settle in!

Q: What type of audience am I presenting to?
A: Our audiences are a mix of startup founders, entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, industry leaders, investors, media, and community leaders.

Q: Where can I find the video/pictures from my talk after the event?
A: If your talk is recorded, we share it on Tech.Co’s YouTube channel and on Tech.Co via an article. All pictures from the event will be posted on the Tech.Co Facebook page  and on our Flickr account.

Q: Can I have friends, family or colleagues come?
A: We’d love that! Tech.Co will send you a discount code for you to share with those you would like to attend the event so that people like your mother don’t have to pay to hear your talk.



Q: What types of themes do Tech.Co talks typically cover?
A: Tech.Co talks range from learning how to balance an entrepreneurial lifestyle to how to build a multi-million dollar company in just a few short years. Basically, we ask our speakers to share their uncensored, entrepreneurial lessons with our audience, including the good and the bad – ‘cause we all know being an entrepreneur is not all glitz and glam!

Q: How do I get in contact with a speaker before or after an event?
A: We cannot give out personal information but we encourage all of our speakers to come early and stay after our events so that they can network with the audience. Take advantage of it!

Q: Can I suggest someone as a speaker?
A: We would love that! Feel free to submit nominations here and someone from Tech.Co will reach out to you/them soon!

Q: Where can I find past Tech.Co talks?
A: We’re happy you asked! We share every talk online on our YouTube channel and on Tech.Co.

Q: Do you live stream the events?
A: We generally do not live stream our talks. If you are local, we’d love for you to come meet our speakers in person! If you aren’t local but don’t want to miss out, you can find the talks on our Youtube channel about a week after the event.

Q: My company would like to sponsor a speaker event. Who should I contact about this?
A: We love that idea! Please fill out this form here  and someone will reach out to you very soon!