Tech.Co’s Ambassador Program


About Tech.Co Ambassador Program

Tech Cocktail (a production of Tech.Co) has been to cities across America, and although the venues, climate, and accents change, one aspect remains the same – YOU, the technology enthusiast! Whether it’s Boston, Boulder, or Boise (we go to cities that don’t start with “B” too), we are consistently taken aback by your level of enthusiasm for the local tech startup scene.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to bring together your community of doers, entrepreneurs, and startup founders and everyone who supports your local tech ecosystem to network, learn, share and celebrate what it is to create and grow a startup. Our Ambassadors help drive our regional efforts by hosting events and online polls.

How To Become a Tech.Co Ambassador

Step One: If you’re a self-driven “Ambassador” and want to highlight your startup community around the globe to help organize a handful of events or online polls (in your city) and showcase what’s going on in your region with the assistance of the National Tech Cocktail team – then you’re ready for the next step!

Step Two: Choose your Tech.Co Ambassador adventure! Are you interested in hosting an event or organizing an online poll?

Step Three: Please complete the below application.

Why Become An Ambassador?

– Gain more recognition around your community and on Tech.Co
– You can be a part of something that is making a difference
– Networking and connecting with community leaders locally and globally
– You can contribute to and help foster growth within your local startup ecosystem
– You will receive tickets to Innovate Celebrate Conference in October 2015!

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