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Who should be named Startup of the Year from the International [Americas, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand] region? You can share your opinion by voting for your favorite startup in our Reader’s Choice Poll below. Reader’s Choice Poll voting will help guide the selection of the top 100 startup semifinalists who will compete for cash, prizes and more, at the Innovate! and Celebrate conference in San Francisco on October 9th – 11th, 2017. The deadline to vote is July 12th.

There’s a “Click to Vote” link next to each startup below, vote for the startup you like the best located in the International [Americas, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand] region:

aiween (Mexico City, Mexico) [Click to Vote]
Aiween is a marketplace to open business and opportunities through innovation. Companies and persons post and solve challenges with ideas, and receive rewards as money, job interviews or special prizes.

Amber Connect (Kingston, Jamaica) [Click to Vote]
Amber Connect offers an intelligent, insightful and affordable tracking from a smartphone, keeping fingertips on the pulse of those who matter.

Boi na Linha (Sao Palo, Brazil) [Click to Vote]
This platform connects buyers and sellers of livestock cattle in a fast, transparent and secure way. Users quickly register their info and location of their properties. As sellers, users publish their livestock according to price and specifications, such as breed, gender, etc. As buyers, they can browse cattle, with the exact distance from their properties, and get in touch directly with the sellers.

Brauz (Melbourne, Australia) [Click to Vote]
Brauz is the world’s first blended experience marketplace for physical retail stores, that combines physical, digital and virtual retail into one marketplace for stores of all sizes.

Byeo (Chihuahua, Mexico) [Click to Vote]
Byeo is a social organizing tool so users can be prepared for their moment of death, and avoid problems with loved ones after they are gone.

Cinema2Go (Yoqneam Illit, Israel) [Click to Vote]
Unique optical solutions for 2D video on-demand with the sharpest visual quality possible without side effects of sharing experiences via “social watching” across the world.

CityCop (Montevideo, Uruguay) [Click to Vote]
CityCop is a social platform where anyone can report crimes and receive real-time alerts of what is happening in their community.

Ctzen (Karachi, Pakistan) [Click to Vote]
Hassle-free communication platform that allows citizens to report incidents directly to the public official in charge of the attention. Ctzen work along with governments to attend quickly and efficiently all citizens’ concerns.

doctHERs (Karachi, Pakistan) [Click to Vote]
doctHERs connects health consumers to remotely located (home-based) female doctors (doctHERs) via nurse-assisted video-consultation, while promoting the inclusive employment of women in the healthcare workforce.

Dolon Investment (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan) [Click to Vote]
Dolan Investment is a young and creative IT company and music distributor in central Asia.

Fitpal (Bogota, Colombia) [Click to Vote]
Fitpal is monthly membership that offers unlimited access to the best fitness studios and trainers in Colombia and México. They also provide a 360 degree business solution for gyms and fitness studios so to conduct business online.

Gemsense (Haifa, Israel) [Click to Vote]
Gemsense’s innovative tiny-computer platform, GEM, fuses motion and vision, turning any object smart and connected.

hizliYOL Technology (Istanbul, Turkey) [Click to Vote]
Artificial intelligence powered chat bots to assist the whole sales team.

iStaySafe (Brisbane, Australia) [Click to Vote]
TicTocTrack allows anyone to keep an eye on the people, pets and things they love via the iStaySafe Pty innovative software platform, iOS and Android apps. Kids, pets and vehicles all under one login!

Kado (Lod, Israel) [Click to Vote]
Kado is the thinnest wall-charger in the world! Thinner than regular chargers, it powers cellphones, laptops, tablets and more.

Knales (Cerro, Cuba) [Click to Vote]
Knales is focused on making information attainable to people, taking special aim in that information which isn’t accessible via Internet.

Kray Technologies (Kyiv, Ukraine) [Click to Vote]
Kray Protection UAS is the industrial robotic spraying drone built to replace agriculture planes and ground sprayers. This is the world’s first drone applicable for the industrial scale, including medium to large farms.

Latitude Technologies (Auckland, New Zealand) [Click to Vote]
Latitude provides a platform that integrates payments from China to global business. Credit cards are used by only a quarter of the Chinese population. Latipay is like PayPal, in that they provide a “button” (API) that sits on ecommerce websites. However, rather than integrating with the main western credit card providers, Latipay integrates with the main ewallets and banking providers of China.

Make My Day (Tel Aviv, Israel) [Click to Vote]
Make My Day will provide the optimal route for all errands and will let the user know in advance how long each task should take and length of time.

Mevics (Odessa, Ukraine) [Click to Vote]
Mevics is a startup developing innovative changes in the prevention and treatment of the spine, as well as creating devices for the prevention and diagnosis of back problems.

MyMinfo (South Melbourne, Australia) [Click to Vote]
MyMinfo connects any ad/message in any media right to mobile, delivering consumers targeted relevant content and the means to immediately transact in response to any call to action.

MyPoint (Tashkent, Uzbekistan) [Click to Vote]
MyPoint is online booking mobile application for variety of services.

Nearpeer (Islamabad, Pakistan) [Click to Vote]
A web platform where students can come to take online courses and take advantage of a self-evolving online community. (Mexico City, Mexico) [Click to Vote]
PLANSCOOP.IT lets you bypass the advertising for travel info and connect directly to locals in the know. We remove the barriers between the people who have the information, and the people who want it.

Quantum Earth TV (Riga, Latvia) [Click to Vote]
Quantum Earth TV is an uncensored news and educational online TV that provides compelling, uncensored, and informative documentaries, talk-shows and news magazines like Quantum Earth on the future of science, advanced science and technology.

REYEDR (Auckland, New Zealand) [Click to Vote]
Augmented reality combined with smartphone computing now provides the ability to improve safety by delivering key information at eye level. By eliminating distractions from looking down at the dash, motorcyclists can now ride safer by keeping their eyes on the road at all times, to look out for hazards.

Shopping Links (Melbourne, Australia) [Click to Vote]
Shopping Links is a platform that connects brands with top fashion and lifestyle bloggers for professional marketing content and collaborations.

Spalk (Auckland, New Zealand) [Click to Vote]
Spalk lets sports fans choose their favorite commentator on live sports by injecting alternate audio commentaries into existing livestreams!

Tiltsta (Sunshine Coast, Australia) [Click to Vote]
Tiltsta is your platform to create digital pop-up shops for mobile marketing in minutes.

TREITUS (Chihuahua, Mexico) [Click to Vote]
Treitus business model is based on providing a web system that manages the request and the development of a product with qualified suppliers.

WATTS Battery (Moscow, Russia) [Click to Vote]
Watts Battery developed a big battery that can power home small appliances, including computers, refrigerators, TVs and electric washers.

Wireless Guard (Christchurch, New Zealand) [Click to Vote]
Wireless Guard uses Smart Home devices to predict and then prevent burglary and damage within the connected home.

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