A2 Hosting Review

Robust option with poor uptime performance

4 stars

Solid hosting with environmental cred

A2 Hosting is a solid option for your web hosting needs. Since launching in 2003, it's become one of the more popular web hosting providers on the market, with plenty of success stories and accolades to prove it. It does fail to match up in some categories, but you still get plenty of bang for your buck.

4 stars

Solid hosting with environmental cred

Types of Hosting

5 stars

Help and Support

5 stars


3.5 stars

Value for Money

4 stars

Uptime Performance

2.5 stars
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  • Dozens of different plans
  • 24/7 live chat, phone, and knowledge center
  • Free site migrations
  • Environmentally-friendly company
  • Anytime money-back guarantee


  • Uptime performance not as good as advertised
  • Serious restrictions on budget plans
  • Expensive renewal rates
  • Data centers in Europe and North America only

A2 Hosting Review Summary

Over the past 16 years, A2 Hosting has become one of the most reliable web hosting providers on the market thanks to its high powered, easy to use service. With a robust package of hosting plans, impeccable customer service, and reasonable prices, this solid web hosting provider is a good choice if you're looking to get set up online.

Additionally, A2 Hosting has been carbon neutral since 2007, promoting green living for users and team members alike. However, its feature catalog is somewhat lacking compared to other popular providers, and uptime performance doesn't match up to the company's speedy claims.

If you're interested in getting set up with a web hosting provider, take a look at some of the pertinent information below, including pricing plans, feature lists, and customer support breakdowns. And don't forget to check out our special A2 Hosting deals to get you the best price now.

In this review:

Which A2 Hosting Plan Is Best?

The benefit of signing up with a web hosting provider like A2 Hosting is the plethora of plans you can choose from. Depending on the size of your company, your particular website needs, and your budget, you can find the perfect hosting plan for your business.

A2 Hosting offers four distinct types of hosting. Shared hosting is the most affordable option, which sees your website hosted on a server that other companies and individuals are using. This can slow things down a bit at times, but is perfect for smaller organizations that just need to get online. Dedicated hosting puts your website in its own server, reducing lagging or outage concerns, but costs significantly more. VPS hosting is the pleasant middle ground, both in terms of pricing and set-up – your website will be on a shared server, but in its very own “area.” Finally, WordPress hosting is a simple hosting plan that comes with WordPress' easy-to-use website builder plan.

All that information may have been a bit much, so for your own sanity, refer to this simple list to understand which type of hosting you should get for your company:

  • Shared Hosting – most affordable option; best for individuals and small companies with limited website functionality
  • VPS Hosting – perfect mid-tier option; best for growing companies with budding websites
  • Dedicated Hosting – most expensive option; best for large companies with complicated websites
  • WordPress Hosting – exclusively for WordPress; provides simple, basic website building along with hosting for all sizes

A2 Hosting Costs

In addition to the four types of hosting you'll have to decide between, each type comes with a number of different price plans that offer a wide range of speeds, storage options, and website allocations. Some of them can run you a pretty penny, particularly if you want all the bells and whistles. Luckily, has collected a few deals and discounts that can get you a great price.

Before delving a little deeper into what these web hosting plans can offer you, let's take a quick look at how much each A2 Hosting plan costs. And don't forget to click on the deals link to get the absolute lowest price.

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A2 HostingShared HostingVPS HostingDedicated HostingWordPress Hosting
Plan 1$7.99/mo$49.99/mo$169.99/mo$7.99/mo
Plan 2$9.99/mo$69.99/mo$249.99/mo$9.99/mo
Plan 3$18.99/mo$99.99/mo$349.99/mo$18.99/mo
Plan 4$24.46/mo
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For a more complete web hosting picture, take a look at how A2 Hosting stacks up against the competition with's comprehensive guide to web hosting costs.

Shared Hosting

If shared hosting is the the way you want to go, you're probably looking to save a bit of money. Fortunately, A2 Hosting boasts some seriously low prices in the shared hosting department, particularly when you take advantage of the deals we found. Despite not offering free domains, A2 Hosting's customer support is incredibly comprehensive, and its storage offerings are more than generous.

A2 Shared Hosting Prices

Each A2 Hosting plan comes with a variety of different features and customer service options. Take a look at how each of the A2 Hosting plans stack up against each other, so you can get the best idea of what you need to get your online presence off the ground.

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Free DomainXXX
Email Accounts25UnlimitedUnlimited
Allowed Domains/
Included SSL
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VPS Hosting

If you're a medium-sized business with a modest budget looking to launch a robust website that can do more than just list information, VPS hosting is the way to go. With the VPS hosting plans from A2 Hosting, you'll get all the same customer support options and storage benefits as shared hosting, with a bit more reliability.

A2 VPS Hosting Prices

Prices for VPS hosting plans with A2 Hosting do cost a bit more than average, so be sure to weigh up your options before making a decision. Check out some of the other features below to understand what you're paying for.
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Free DomainXXX
Email AccountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Dedicated IP Address222
Allowed Domains/
Included SSL
Dedicated RAM4GB6GB8GB
Uptime Performance99.9599.9599.95
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Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting plans are designed for heavy duty websites with lots of traffic and even greater storage needs. Luckily, A2 Hosting provides all that and more. The costs are significantly higher than other plans, and even a bit above average for the industry, but these plans come with all the bells and whistles you'll need to keep your website running smoothly, no matter what.

A2 Dedicated Hosting Prices

Check out some of the specifics below – because when it comes to this much money, you have to make an informed decision.
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Free DomainXXX
Email AccountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Dedicated IP Address222
Allowed Domains/
Included SSL Certificate
Dedicated RAM8GB16GB16GB
Storage2x 500GB2x 500GB2x 1TB
Uptime Performance99.9599.9599.95
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WordPress Hosting

It's worth noting that web hosting services do not provide website building tools –, unless, however, you get set up with a WordPress hosting plan. You'll have access to WordPress' simple website building platform, allowing you to make a basic site quickly and easily.

A2 WordPress Hosting Prices

A2 Hosting offers a range of WordPress hosting plans, all of which offer:

  • Free WordPress install and updates
  • Unlimited storage and site transfers
  • Unlimited websites (except for the cheapest plan)
  • Access to the 24/7/365 Guru Crew support team

Frequently Asked Questions

You might have a few questions about A2 Hosting before making a decision, and you aren't the only one. Fortunately, we've answered a number of the most common questions concerning A2 Hosting so you can feel good about signing on with this web hosting provider.

Is A2 Hosting good?

A2 Hosting is definitely good, but we wouldn't say it's great. Yes, it has a wide range of pricing plans to narrow down exactly what you need without paying too much, and the support options are as plentiful as they are helpful. However, with poor uptime performance compared to the rest of the industry and fewer available features, there are better options for just a little more money.

Who owns A2 Hosting?

A2 Hosting isn't owned by anyone but their founder, Bryan Muthig. They have been “an independent and founder-owned company” since 2001, according to their website.

Is A2 Hosting Turbo worth it?

As with any web hosting decision, the question is, “what are you using it for?” The A2 Hosting Turbo plan comes with a bit more storage and (as you'd expect) much faster speeds. Other than that though, it doesn't offer much more than Swift plan. So, if speeds aren't hugely important to you, you probably don't need the upgrade, particularly when it costs so much more.

Verdict – Should You Use A2 Hosting?

As an overall solid web hosting provider, you could do a lot worse than A2 Hosting. Its stellar customer support team, robust options, and competitive prices more than make up for its poor uptime performance and lackluster feature selection.

A2 Hosting has a lot of ups and a few downs, so it's important to decide exactly what you want in a web hosting provider before you make a decision. Luckily, you can check out special A2 Hosting deals to get you the best price possible.

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