So you want to write for TechCo Media?

We offer a select group of highly vetted thought-leaders, authors, executives, and startup founders an opportunity to share their knowledge, insights, and local perspectives with our audience of millions of readers.

Below you’ll find a few different ways to become a contributor to TechCo Media. If you have questions please contact us and be sure to mention your interest in one of the programs listed (below) and any questions you might have.

Tech.Co Contributor
You like to write and want to share information about specific topics, write about your local community, or share opinions on trends and other tech subject matter. You know having a collection of articles on Tech.Co with your byline and bio will help you or your organization get noticed.

As a Contributor, you’ll have the opportunity to share your expertise, highlight your local startups, or cover regional news. Interested in writing but not sure how to get started? We can help you think about interesting topics and before you know it, you’ll have a published collection of content to be proud of.

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Community Curator
You know everything there is to know about your tech community. You have a passion for your community and hope to gain national exposure for your tech networks and entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Community Curators manage Tech.Co City Pages by updating the Tech.Co readership with upcoming local events, highlight local community tech leaders, and fill in readers on the hottest spots for startups and tech enthusiasts in their area. Curators can also post to the Tech.Co job board to help serve their community’s brightest tech talent.

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Community Catalyst
You are a local leader who makes things happen. Perhaps you run a local economic development group or run a co-working and events for the startup community. Your goal is to find opportunities for your community.

This advisory role will help us identify others in your community who can help contribute content, host events and more – all with the goal of getting your community, and the entrepreneurs in it, more exposure.

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