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Tech Cocktail Kansas City

The University of Missouri Has a Student-Led Fund, and It Just Made Its First Solo Investment


Today, the University of Missouri’s student-led fund, the Allen Angel Capital Education Fund (AACE), announced a $50,000 investment in Kansas City startup Knoda. The partners at AACE are not your typical middle-aged white men, but students from all disciplines studying at the University of Missouri. To get involved, they have to apply to take the… Read more »

This Kansas City Startup Landed Big-Name Customers Like Sprint and Walmart with 1 Salesperson 


In Kansas City, a small startup called DivvyHQ is quietly signing on new customers. Maybe you’ve heard their names? They’re companies like Walmart, Sprint, Toyota, and Bed Bath and Beyond. Less than three years old, DivvyHQ has a small team of fewer than 10 people, with only one salesperson and no paid advertising. Yet they’re… Read more »

Kansas City’s Hottest Showcasing Startups Are…

Kansas City hottest startups

Last night we were back in Kansas City for a Mixer & Startup Showcase, and we had a blast! It included the Best Pitch award determined by our live SMS poll and the pre-event Reader’s Choice online poll. Here are the winners: Kansas City’s Hottest Showcasing Startup – Best Pitch CouponCloud, Inc - They disrupt the $14 billion… Read more »

Cirrus Link is Looking to be the Fed-Ex of Big Data


Companies that produce big data sometimes do not realize the potential of said data. Chris Houghton and Arlen Nipper started Cirrus Link to give those companies a delivery system that connects The Internet of Things to big data. ‘The Internet of Things’ refers to objects and their virtual representations in an Internet-like structure. For example, businesses can… Read more »

Autoswaprz Cuts the Clutter from Car Shopping


The auto industry is somewhat under-represented in the startup world. There are several large companies that focus on the buying and selling of new and used cars, but they all have the same business model–a marketplace designed around advertisements and pay-for-positioning listing placement. All in all, they do not put the customer first. Kansas City-based Autoswaprz… Read more »

Kansas City’s Hottest Showcasing Startup is…


Last week was Tech Cocktail’s Kansas City Mixer and Startup Showcase at Boulevard Brewing Co.  As always, we held our Hottest Showcasing Startup series, including the pre-event Reader’s Choice online poll, as well as the Best Pitch award, as determined by the Live SMS poll. Kansas City’s HOTTEST SHOWCASING STARTUP: Reader’s Choice & Best Pitch Hoopla… Read more »

Get Some Schooling, Sign up for Sock 101

Sock 101

Have you seen Craig Sager’s suits when he is interviewing the Black Mamba, King James, or Durantula court side? The royal purples, bright pinks, and exquisite patterns abound; he is all about making a statement. The rest of the men’s fashion world can thank Sager, along with many other sports commentators and public figures, for… Read more »