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Tech Cocktail Seattle

Mobilligy Exits Beta, Launches Mobile Bill Pay App in Full


Today Mobilligy announced the formal exit of their beta testing phase with the full release of their bill-pay app for iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle, Windows 8, and Windows Phone. Mobilligy is an official Microsoft BizSpark Plus member, a participant in the 2012 Azure Accelerator, and they also completed the TechStars program in 2013. The co-founders Ty Griffin… Read more »

Last-Minute Gift Ideas from Up-and-Coming Startups


For all you last minute shoppers out there (I won’t name names–you know who you are), there’s still time! Whether you’ve been too busy to shop or have been procrastinating on those who are impossible to shop for, I am here to help make this stressful time of year slightly less so. Here’s a list… Read more »

The Hottest IT Trend Steps up to Bat with the FTC


With the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) having recently met to discuss the regulation on what has been popularized as “The Internet of Things,” new regulation may be on its way to better control the data that more and more of our everyday devices are generating. Two points of view come to a head in the debate… Read more »

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner: RealNetworks Acquires Slingo for $15.6 Million


RealNetworks is looking to hit the jackpot with their acquisition of the combination bingo/slot machine game Slingo Inc. Today, during a keynote speech at Casual Connect in San Francisco, the Seattle-based company confirmed the completion of the acquisition for $15.6 million. Slingo will fall under the GameHouse division at RealNetworks, which brought in $13.9 million in… Read more »

Culination: Cooking Videos with a Higher Purpose


Ninety pounds lighter than he was at his high school graduation, Caen Contee can finally call himself healthy. But it was a long journey: from helping out with his mother’s Brazilian recipes as a child, to being overweight from American fast food in high school, to suffering from bulimia in college. Now, Contee wants to… Read more »

Property Investing Made Easy With Realty Mogul


Buying property: A smart long term way to diversify your portfolio, or an investment too risky to consider? There are myriad reasons why people don’t invest in property. Time, financial risk and limited networking are some factors, just to name a few. Realty Mogul is trying to change this roadblock. By offering a marketplace for accredited… Read more »

Restaurant Websites Faster Than You Can Say Bon Appetit


4.5 out of 5 stars with 620 reviews? Great. Open until 11pm and takes reservations? Even better. When hunger strikes, finding restaurants closeby is usually done on the go, but navigating mobile websites can make you feel like Odysseus, being tossed back and forth by a sea of page redirects and poorly sized images.  Fear… Read more »

graZie Mobile: Spirits in Seattle Make for a Fun-Loving App


Since smartphones are increasingly integrated with our social lives (from photo-sharing, to location-sharing and more), Seattle-based graZie Mobile has found a way to make all that sharing easier by creating an app that integrates perfectly with your nightlife. From the no-frills Check-In feature, to the much more fun Drink Up! feature, graZie Mobile has set… Read more »