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Data Transparency Weekend Code-A-Thon Coming Up in NYC

WSJ Code-A-Thon

You probably never thought you’d hear code-a-thon and the Wall Street Journal uttered in the same sentence, did you?  Well, the WSJ and Personal, a private personal network and data vault that lets you manage and control access to your digital information, are co-sponsoring the first Wall Street Journal Data Transparency Weekend in NYC April 13-15.

Basically a big code-a-thon, Personal will make its “small data” platform available for use by participating developers, who will work to create free web tools that promote data transparency and provide greater control by individuals.

The event features three tracks, each lead by an expert security researcher or developer, that focus on revealing the prevalence of web tracking, visibility into how much information people share, and improving software that helps people to control sensitive information.

If you’re interested, it’s taking place at New York University School of Law; you can apply here.

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    Treasa Antilla

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