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FreezeCrowd Photosharing Social Network 11 Years In The Making Launches


A startup 11 years in the making – according to its news release – launched today in a very crowded social networking space: photo sharing. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, the site FreezeCrowd offers a new social platform for uploading and sharing photos on the web. Photos can be tagged and users can add speech bubbles to them – and based on who’s in the image, data is collected and shared to stimulate conversations and community. FreezeCrowd tries to help by showing how you might be connected to the various people in the photos.

They are targeting college students and alumni as their core market as they look to emulate the connections that sites like Facebook and even MySpace have been providing for a decade.  It is interesting to note that you can only register on the site if you have a .edu extension on your email address, which is exactly how Facebook started out.

While I applaud the launch efforts of this Midwest startup, I think they may want to reconsider making an entry into this saturated market via the Web. When breaking into the social networking space, it might make more sense to create a mobile photo sharing application, because that is where college students and alumni (and most people, really) take the majority of photos these days. It would lower the barrier of entry, since photo apps on the iPhone are extremely popular right now. For example, Instagram has millions of users in just year or so and have done it with a very minimal web presence.

Maybe it was the 11-years-in-the-making that caused this new startup to decide to go with an online photo sharing app. Either way, I do not think I would lead my launch announcement with that fact.  If you think back 11 years, wasn’t AOL ruling the web then? So this product was built compete with AOL’s You’ve Got Pictures?

Regardless, check out the FreezeCrowd video to see what it has to offer, as only time will tell if a mobile app might have been a more suitable first step. Let us know what you think of FreezeCrowd and their approach in the comments below.

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Frank Gruber is the founder, CEO and Executive Editor of Tech Cocktail. He is an entrepreneur and new media journalist focused on sharing his tech product expertise and analysis on emerging technologies. Previously he built products for millions of users while at AOL and Tribune Company. He is a startup advisor and investor. He is the author of the book, Startup Mixology, Tech Cocktail’s Guide to Building, Growing, and Celebrating Startup Success. Find Frank Gruber online and follow him on Twitter at @FrankGruber.


6 Responses to “FreezeCrowd Photosharing Social Network 11 Years In The Making Launches”

  1. @jeffeiden

    Yawn. This is a classic example of mistakes a startup can make in their approach. NO successful tech startup has waited 11 years before releasing a product. It is the opposite of the "running lean" approach that has led to traction and growth for so many young companies. My guess is the FreezeCrowd team was so concerned with perfecting their app that they refused to launch an MVP version into the unsaturated market years ago.

    Now what happens? They missed the photo sharing boat by about 2-4 years, no mobile presence, and users will have no reason to use the service over established competitors like Flickr and Facebook. I just can't see this being successful.

  2. @Instashit

    You are a monkey. What did they pay you to write this, open up the app store and see 100's of apps that do the same, and get this, on MOBILE! Article #fail

    • @FrankGruber

      I also appreciate you caring about's quality. We give all kinds of apps, startups and gadgets a look. I think this is only the tip of the iceberg for this startup, so we'll be keeping our eye on them to see where they end up.

  3. @ericleebow

    Well, first and foremost Frank, much respect for taking the time to write this. And, thanks so much all of your constructive feedback. A lot of people have big ideas and it takes longer to do things because it takes more than one person to believe. Some people have more ideas, and have to narrow it down over time as well. Nobody is perfect, and perfection was not my goal for the launch.

    It takes a lot of thought to do things that might change the way things are done in the future. Not, that I waited a long time, my first original idea was very abstract and mobile, yet much harder to do do at the time. There are future innovations, very visionary ideas which we plan that are differentiating FreezeCrowd from the above sites you've mentioned. If you've tried FreezeCrowd, have uploaded a photo and categorized it as "Varsity Basketball Team" then you might know what makes FreezeCrowd unique in one way. FreezeCrowd has over 5,000 roles linked to categories. You could be in the photo, such as the Center on the basketball team, or the Quarterback on the football team. You can even be a "Blogger" or "Event Speaker" in the photo. How about the CEO, does that make you stand out at the Tech Cocktail? Sure, it does!

    There are a lot of great things we plan in the future with FreezeCrowd. Perhaps a mobile app would be interesting as well, and that might come in handy. It's all a labor of love, yet FreezeCrowd also has a great vision. Once again, thanks so much for your feedback on FreezeCrowd. Would love you to get your hands on your alumni email and join someday when you're ready.

    Thank you for your feedback and support!


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