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Facebook Fined £500k by the UK’s ICO Agency

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in the UK has announced that it’s slapping Facebook with a £500,000 ($644,413) fine for “serious breaches of data protection law.” Spare change for Zuckerberg? Or an opening salvo for further penalties to come?


How Facebook is Flagging False News

After coming under heavy fire by users and government, Facebook is trying to regain trust in its service. Is flagging false news enough to win us back? We explain how Facebook is bringing attention to false stories and penalising those who knowingly distribute them


Timehop Customer Data Hacked – What You Need To Know

Photo and memory sharing app Timehop revealed yesterday that it had suffered a major data breach. In a statement, the app developers confirmed that some customer data had been stolen, including names, email addresses, and phone numbers. UPDATE, 11 July: Timehop has subsequently announced...


How to Delete Facebook and Why It Won’t Matter

In a world already skeptical of cyber attacks, data breaches, and stolen personal information, Facebook really dropped the ball. And now, it’s dropping customers, with users worldwide considering deleting their Facebook accounts for good. If you somehow hadn’t heard, …