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VentureBoard: Resources for Student Entrepreneurs


I first contacted Avi Eisenberger about a week ago, sending him an email shortly after 11 pm. A response was in my inbox 15 minutes later. For the 22-year old Eisenberger, who graduated from the University of Maryland in May, this schedule is probably nothing new. After all, late nights are common for a college… Read more »

DC’s Smartly to Build Mentorship Website


Smartly, a new startup in DC that was founded in August, has plans to connect mentors with people in need of advice and (in the process) bolster a struggling US education system. Before tackling schools, Smartly will take a look at the corporate environment, where new employees could use some guidance. Below, cofounder and advisor… Read more »

Writer’s Bloq Marries Traditional and Indie Publishing

Writer's Bloq

Self-published authors have rallied around the term “indie publishing,” some calling the traditional publishing industry elitist, outdated, and irrelevant. Meanwhile, the “elites” have packed a few punches; novelist Sue Grafton said recently, “I compare self-publishing to a student managing to conquer Five Easy Pieces on the piano and then wondering if s/he’s ready to be… Read more »

Seeds: Microlending for Women Entrepreneurs


Spending a night in a Nairobi prison helped Rachel Cook see firsthand how much the region needs microlending. As she recounts, she was driving through Nairobi in a cab when four men with rifles blocked their path. Cook and her friend were ushered outside and taken to a local police station, where their cell phones… Read more »

Thinkific and the Science of Online Education


This year, Stanford University turned things upside down with experiments in the “flipped classroom.” For a few courses in biochemistry and computer science, students watched their lectures online and did problem solving, discussion, and practice during classroom time. According to the school, biochem students enjoyed the course more and attendance rose from 30 to 80… Read more »

Say Bonjour to Abroad101: The Study Abroad Review Site


Abroad101 collects study abroad reviews – for students who want to compare options and for colleges who want to recommend programs, see results, and improve their offerings. That sounds like an obvious value, but building a company is rarely so easy. Below, Abroad101’s marketing consultant and content creation specialist, Amy Bernstein, explains how they managed… Read more »

Seattle-Based Play My Survey Makes Survey Taking Fun


How many times have you been asked to fill out a customer survey at the conclusion of some user experience?  Wait, let me guess – a lot.  It’s as common as it is tedious.  Playing twenty questions takes time from your day, and quite frankly, nothing is more valuable than your time.  But as a small… Read more »

Benevolent Puts a Human Face on Charity


Charity is about changing lives, but some ways are clearer than others. As donors, we want to see and feel the impact our dollars have on people’s lives, which is why programs like Heifer International or food drives are so popular – you can envision the meal eaten by a hungry family. Chicago startup and… Read more »

How .CO Became .COOL in 2 Years


“Nobody really cares about a domain name.” When .CO Internet negotiated with the Colombian government to sell .co domain names in 2009, they had an uphill battle ahead of them. Not only was dot-com synonymous with the Internet, but they had to get people excited about something technically called a “country code top-level domain.” Today,… Read more »

Keep It Simple, Startups: The Fluidinfo Redesign


On and off for the past 15 years, entrepreneur Terry Jones has been working on a grand vision for The Way Computers Should Be. He dreams of a massive database of Everything, where anyone can add information, and items are linked and searchable rather than trapped in a hierarchy of folders. When I interviewed Jones in… Read more »