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Tech Cocktail

Meal Ticket, The Online B2B Food Marketplace (At A Discount)


“Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” – Martin Luther King Jr. The great Martin Luther King Jr.’s words are just as fitting to starting up as anything else.  Dan Henderson, co-founder of Meal Ticket, knows this as well as anyone.  Two years ago, Henderson and fellow co-founder… Read more »

14 Highly Creative Startups Showcased in Boise Tonight

Tech Cocktail Boise showcased startups

Tonight, Tech Cocktail will host our 2nd mixer in beautiful Boise, Idaho, home to an emerging startup scene, as part of develop.idaho 2012, presented by Perkins Coie.  This half-day, industry-led software event, hosted by the Idaho Technology Council, was put together to promote and support the active software community in Idaho. You can follow @developidaho on Twitter to… Read more »

Create Customized Mobile Apps With Affinity Amp

Affinity Amp

Small businesses are constantly hearing about all the things they have to do – you have to have a mobile website, you have to be active on social media, you have to create compelling content to share with your target market, you have to have a mobile app. That’s all good and well, but when… Read more »

CakeStyle, The Online Personal Shopping Service For Women


As an entrepreneur, you are the face of your company. First impressions are important and consequently so too are appearances. The time and energy required to find stylish attire, however, likely is not the best use of your time. Quite the conundrum. CakeStyle is here to save the day. Similar to the much-hyped Truck Club, the… Read more »

Turn Your Resume into an Infographic with ResumUP


If you haven’t seen an infographic by now, it means that you don’t know what an infographic is, because you have. You’re on the Internet. They’re everywhere. Oddly enough, however, infographics have remained relatively constrained to a similar set of situations. Eugene Barulin, founder and CEO of ResumUP, has found a creative yet practical usage… Read more »

Clipboard, Your Personal Online Note-Taking Solution

Clipboard, Seamlessly Grab and Organize Notes Online With Clipboard

With a resume that includes: founding Microsoft Live Labs, Yahoo! Research Labs, and Overture Research, being the VP of Technology at Yahoo! and Technical Fellow at Microsoft, winning the World Technology Award, and authoring a book about the computational properties in nature and the perception of beauty (yeah), Gary Flake left his job with Microsoft to… Read more »

Product Managers: Handle Label Procurement with LabelArchive


Even though I studied marketing in graduate school, I tend to take for granted the behind-the-scenes complexities of consumer product marketing. For example, I fail to appreciate the overlooked sciences of product label procurement and SKU tracking. Entrepreneur Bill March does not overlook these processes. In fact, he’s made it his mission to help product… Read more »

Find, Rate and Review a Pro Service Business with EthicalPro


Next time you find yourself in need of a trustworthy electrician, financial advisor, or even a web designer, Boise-based EthcialPro can give you the hookup. Founded by Philip Bennett, EthicalPro is a bridge between businesses and consumers, providing a community of word of mouth marketing and accountability for professional services people use every day. EthicalPro’s… Read more »

Visualize Wireless Network Data with MetaGeek


What if understanding and analyzing your Wi-Fi network were as easy as pie? With MetaGeek’s latest innovation, it can be as easy as a pie chart. At next week’s Tech Cocktail Boise event, the MetaGeek team will be displaying their latest software development. Eye P.A. is an 802.11 packet capture visualization software designed for Wi-Fi professionals.  Before… Read more »

Replyboard, New Craigslist Profiling Service, Demonstrates Dangers of No User Transparency [Video]


With Facebook having more than two and half times as many active users as there are people in the United States, there’s little reason for user anonymity these days, especially when it involves face-to-face interaction. Earlier this year we covered Uniiverse, an online marketplace for unique skills and services, which was built off of the similar premise:… Read more »

There’s an App For That: New Apps and Features from Eventbrite, YesWare, Uppidy, and More

App update

The ubiquitous online event planning tool Eventbrite has launched an At The Door Credit Card Reader for iPad, which basically turns an iPad into a mobile box office.  It lets event organizers sell tickets and merchandise and track attendees; the goal is to better compete with Ticketmaster by providing a better, cheaper, and more flexible… Read more »

Sawtooth Ideas, Your Marketplace For Woodworking Plans

sawtooth ideas

Oftentimes we don’t find the business ideas, they find us.  At least that was the case for Russ Whitney, Sawtooth Ideas founder and CEO. “I wasn’t looking for a business idea in woodworking, I just happened upon it.” After leaving his job at Microsoft in 2010, Whitney was looking for a business idea to pursue, but was… Read more »