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What’s Your Email Personality Type?


By interviewing users, Chicago-based startup PhilterIt has identified 4 distinct types of email personalities. Explains CEO Avi Levine: “Combiners tend to receive all messages (brand and personal) into one inbox.  Separators (such as myself) may keep an account solely dedicated to personal messages (my Gmail) and one for all brand messages (my Yahoo). Filers are very… Read more »

Jobaline: Find Qualified Candidates for Job Openings

jobaline, Craigslist, LinkedIn, networking – there are so many places to look for find a candidate for a job opening.  The process can be stressful, frustrating, and exhausting for everyone involved. Jobaline co-founders Miki Mullor and Bill Davidheiser want to make this process a lot easier for recruiters and hiring managers in 3 major ways:… Read more »

Startup Showcase: Seattle-Based OblakSoft Simplifies Cloud Computing


Bio: Artem Livshits is Founder, CEO, and Chief Technology Architect of OblakSoft, one of the startups featured at the recent Tech Cocktail Seattle mixer. He possesses 15+ years of experience architecting, designing and implementing fast, scalable, and robust mission-critical server software. Tech Cocktail caught up with the OblakSoft CEO to learn more about his company…. Read more »

5 Startups and Apps Created Just for the Military


While it is easy to equate Memorial Day Weekend with the unofficial start of summer, the beach, the pool, picnics, and grilling, it is important to remember why we get a 3 day weekend: to honor those who died while serving in the U.S. military.  This day of observation actually has a long history –… Read more »

Perth, Australia Startup Looking To Disrupt Survey Industry; Interview with Floq Founder Jonah Cacioppe


You won’t get too far in the world of e-commerce without talking conversion rates.  Providing the desired content, an intuitive interface, and elegant design all play a key role in getting a user to perform an intended action.  These rules are as true for gathering customer feedback as they are for affecting purchasing behavior.  And… Read more »

Let Businesses Bid On Your Job At


Hosting an event and need a caterer, cleaning service, or photographer?  Or are you looking for new health or auto insurance?  Maybe you’re looking to get a dog, website design work, or even a spray tan.  Whatever you need, conventional practices put the onus of the work on you.  You’ll spend the next 30 minutes… Read more »

Fundable: Crowdfunding Just For Startups

2 - Fundable

Tuesday was the official launch of Fundable, a crowdfunding platform specifically for startup companies. Founded by serial entrepreneur Wil Schroter, the platform follows the passage of the JOBS Act (or “Crowdfunding Act”), which allows companies to publicly raise money from anyone willing to back them: “With the passage of the JOBS Act (yay!) investors will be able… Read more »

“Failure is a Right of Passage”; An Interview with Fliptop CEO Doug Camplejohn


Two for two. Two businesses started, two businesses acquired. First Doug Camplejohn started myplay, a digital music locker.  That was acquired by Bertelsmann.  Next it was Mi5, a web security gateway.  That was acquired by Symantec. Today he’s onto Fliptop, a social information warehouse for people and brands.  Is his current venture destined for the… Read more »

Uncover The True Hotel Bargains; An Interview With DealAngel COO Bob Rogers


Expedia, Travelocity, Kayak, Bing Travel, Orbitz, Yapta,, Priceline, TripAdvisor, JetSetter, DealBase, Hotel Tonight, Hotwire, Agoda, Room Key, HotelSweep, Hipmunk, Momondo, Room77, YourRoomKey. What I’m trying to say is, travel booking is a competitive space…. Could there possibly be room for another entrant into this field?  According to Bob Rogers, COO and co-founder of DealAngel,… Read more »

NoBadGift Takes the Guessing Out Of Gift Giving


How many times have you watched a loved one open a gift that you spent hours (or, um, minutes) picking out and wrapping, only to see disappointment flash on their face before they remember that it’s the thought that counts?  Kind of a sucky feeling. Baltimore-based startup NoBadGift wants to replace that feeling of failure… Read more »

Njorku Helps People in Africa Find Much-Needed Jobs


South Africa had an unemployment rate of around 25% in 2010, and some other African countries fare much worse. It’s not necessarily because jobs are scarce: often, it’s a problem of candidates not knowing jobs are available, or facing discrimination based on their tribe. “In some cases these job seekers have to trek for miles… Read more »

Find Beta Testers for Your Startup with BetaPunch


Is your beta so quiet you can hear the crickets chirping? Or is that just the sound of your mom and dad clicking around? If you need to stir up some activity, consider trying BetaPunch. BetaPunch connects startups with beta testers, who can record their screens and get paid to play. They’ve attracted almost 500… Read more »