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IdealSeat Can Help Baseball Fans Catch Foul Balls


Top of ninth: With a decisive thwap! Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo hit a two-run shot that sent him and his teammate Kris Bryant home, securing a triumphant Game 6 win in the 2016 World Series. Rizzo’s homer sailed over the right field wall, sealing a victory…

The 3 Elements That Make the Tech Industry Satisfying

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If at this very moment you’re already dreading the sound of your alarm clock going off tomorrow morning, maybe it’s time to start thinking about finding a different gig. Intelligent, creative problem solvers who love a good challenge — read on. The tech world…

6 Technical Interview Tips for Prospective Software Engineers

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Job interviews are absolutely terrifying. It doesn’t matter how much you’ve prepped. The stress of having a small window to prove your worth is a daunting task no matter how great you are. Even the most confident coder can turn into a sweaty mess…