Julissa Arce is a technology entreprenuer and writer on innovation and start-ups. She is a co-founder and chief product officer of Common Equity, and leads the SocStock product team. Julissa is passionate about technology and financial innovation.

Previous to founding Common Equity, she was a Vice-President at Goldman Sachs in the Private Wealth Management Structured Product Business. As the second person on the team, she was instrumental to starting and growing the business to over $4bn in annual transactions, by leading teams of engineers in building reporting and trading systems, managing the scale process, and generating over $5bn in transactions. In her last three years at the firm, she headed the Latin American effort for the Structured Products Business. Julissa earned a degree in Finance from the University of Texas at Austin.

Beyond building a business and writing about interesting start-ups, Julissa is a globe-trotter, die-hard fan of Longhorn college football, and passionate about providing access to education to high potential youth and is a member of the Board of Directors for the Esperanza Educational Fund.

You can read about her travels and adventures at mynextlife (http://www.mynextlife.tumblr.com/), and follow her passion for college football at heartfootball (http://www.heartfootball.tumblr.com/).


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