has produced, promoted, and editorially covered events for over a decade. Community events were a cornerstone of the company mission when was founded.

Before the rise of coworking spaces, incubators, and accelerators tech and startup executives, entrepreneurs, and creatives were attending our events. Below are a few different event offerings. has run events at CES, SXSW and Innovate! and Celebrate. It also ran local events across the US. Events – From Washington to Vegas cofounders Frank Gruber, Jen Consalvo and Eric Olson first launched the “Tech Cocktail” events to connect the Chicago startup and technology ecosystem. They quickly amassed crowds of hundreds at each event.

Tech Cocktail sought to help communities to connect, creating valuable relationships between tech executives, startups, investors and the tech community. Soon, further events were rolled out to Washington D.C., Boston, Boulder, and beyond, with more ambitious events following in Las Vegas and Austin, Texas.

Along the way, the website has grown to attract millions of readers every year, thanks to a smart blend of tech and startups news, plus product reviews and advice.

Where Next for

Since’s acquisition by MVF, a global publishing and marketing company, the website has taken an exciting turn in its ongoing development. We want to be the best source of tech news, product reviews, advice guides, and all-round inspiration.

On, you’ll find simple-to-follow advice guides and reviews that tell you what you need to know about tech products and software. Our mission is to make it easy for you to choose the right tech for yourself or your business.

From the latest smartphones and laptops to business-focused software solutions, we want to demystify technology and help you pick the right products or services every time.

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