10 Awesome Ecommerce Business Tips for Marketers for 2015

Ecommerce changes and alters and the sort of ecommerce we deal with in 2015 is different to any time before, although in a lot of ways the same. So, we’ve compiled a number of different tips based around experiences in the world of e-commerce. Take a look and see what you should be doing in 2015.

Don’t launch too soon.

One of the biggest and most common mistakes that so many ecommerce entrepreneurs end up making is launching their websites too early. Rushing or forcing things before you are ready can be a huge mistake. You only get one chance to launch your website, so you want to do it right. It is fine to buy your domain name and get a “Coming Soon” page posted.  However, don’t have a big launch until you have some substantial ground work laid first, such as paid advertising, social media, content marketing and SEO.

The platform

There are numerous platforms out there for your ecommerce store and while custom platforms have their place in some cases, there are some amazing ecommerce website builders out there that can really allow you to do your site justice. These platforms offer plenty of support and are quick and easy to get started on, as well as very high quality.

Focus on your users.

It is well established that one of the main drawbacks that ecommerce businesses have is not being able to allow their customers to see (first hand), touch, smell or feel their products before they make they decide to buy. Although there is no solution to solve this problem currently, you can make up for this shortcoming in other parts of your business. Making your checkout process easy and convenient by using a simplified shopping cart, providing free shipping and offering appropriate pricing are some of the best things you can do to make the process easier and convenient for customers.

Make sure to test everything.

Before you ever launch your ecommerce business, it is very important to invest in analytics and testing. You should continue to invest during and after your launch as well. Try to think like our customers to determine what is working and what isn’t. Also try to understand what the why is behind these answers.

Stay involved with social media.

Ecommerce entrepreneurs who delegate social media to others on their team or outsource the process are making a big mistake.  Social media is at the center of your business. It provides you with an important inside look into your customers’ lives. Although having a social media manager is perfectly okay, you need to stay closely involved with social media yourself.

Incorporate social elements into your site.

Your ecommerce site should include social elements on it. Add things like social login options and follow buttons to your testimonials and product reviews to help increase your conversions.

Think mobile.

More and more individuals are using their cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices to search for and buy products. If you don’t take mobile into consideration while building your ecommerce business, within three to five years you could be irrelevant.

Go Offline

The offline sphere is one often ignored by those online, however it can have significant benefits. Direct mail campaigns for example can provide a whole range of benefits and help growth. Check out this infographic from Quantum Postcards.

Say current with the latest SEO developments.

As ecommerce continues to grow rapidly, an increasing number of businesses will continue to enter this already crowded arena. That is why it is essential to stay current on all of latest SEO developments so that you can stand out from your competitors. Over the long term, one of the best things you can do to stay competitive is to get connected with a skilled SEO specialist.

Collect customer information.

Unless you’re planning to just launch one site and then step away, it is vital that you gather information from customers and build databases to help you with nay future launches you might do.

Keep evolving.

Don’t ever stop evolving. Customer tastes, trends and technology changes constantly. You must change as well if you are interested in succeeding in such a rapidly evolving market.

These tips should help ensure you make the most of your ecommerce efforts and stand the upmost chance of success.

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