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The 5 Best Software Suites for Startups

Running a startup is difficult. You will find it encouraging, rewarding and satisfying to be your own boss, but you may also be frustrated when things don’t run smoothly. These business software suites can help make running your new business a little easier, which...


11 Mexican Startups You Should Know About

Mexico is home to many startups. From Monterrey to Mexico City, the country has, in recent years, developed into a rising environment for startups. Here are some of the top Mexican startups you should know about. 1. Kubo.Financiero This startup is based in Mexico...


Top 8 Software Testing Tools of 2016

There are a wide variety of software testing tools on the market right now. Here are eight of the ones that you should look into. XQual If you need better tools to improve the efficiency of your software testing, XQual can help. They offer...


How To Use Social Media To Land Your Dream Job

Social media, if used strategically, can be a great tool to network and to introduce yourself to potential employers and hiring managers. Here are five useful tips to help you find your next dream job! Establish a professional presence When someone searches for your name...


8 Tips for Picking the Right Cloud Storage Provider

More and more businesses are trying to save space by using cloud storage space instead of the old-fashioned bulky and big file cabinets that they previously used. There are many reasons why they prefer to access files from the cloud including the security of...


Should You Continue Using Google Plus?

Google is once more in the limelight after creating the new parent company Alphabet. Google also is distancing itself from the lackluster social network Google Plus. In fact, YouTube accounts are not forcibly linked to Google Plus anymore. The new focus is on standalone...


How to Use Offline and Online Marketing Together

Marketing campaigns can incorporate a wide variety of mediums to both reach as large an audience as possible and to reinforce the marketing or brand message. However the most successful of marketing strategies harness a range of methods that merge the offline world with...


4 Tech Advancements to Improve Your Retail Business

Improving retail via technology can make notable differences to your bottom line, your customer’s experience and also make things at work a lot more convenient. There are numerous different ways that this can be done and we’ve compiled some you should consider for 2016....