Here Are the 10 Dallas Startups You Need to Know About

Everything’s bigger in Texas. And if you don’t think that applies to the Dallas startup ecosystem, you’re in for quite the surprise. Not only can you find plenty of local talent waiting to be scooped up by hungry startup founders, there’s also a degree of camaraderie and support that breeds innovation at every turn. That is why Dallas Startup Week is going to be such an unmitigated success.

This celebration of the Dallas startup ecosystem will showcase a wide range of startups entrepreneurs, founders, investors and other big names in the business. From conferences and meetups to social gatherings and fireside talks, Dallas will be treated to everything an interested Texan would want out of a startup week.

If you’re interested in what kind of startups you can expect to see at this entrepreneurial experience, check out the list below and get ready to see some innovative companies changing the way we do business:

Inspire More

An inspirational media site that features the most inspiring media content on the web. Each time someone shares an InspireMore story, the company donates a portion of their profits from advertising to a new charity each week. Since going live, the company has raised nearly $100,000 for great charities and reached millions around the world with messages of hope, love, adventure, triumph, and motivation.

Glass Media

Attracting customers to a storefront typically starts with mannequins, not any more.  Not your traditional signage. The company has developed an analytically infused IoT platform that drives storefront and in-store customer experiences through low profile, scalable and cost effective projection-based solutions. Storefront, street-facing glass and indoor surfaces are transformed into vivid, interactive displays, capturing engagement data which, through Glass-Media’s proprietary software can be used for real-time campaign optimizations directly at the point-of-sale.


The Conversable SaaS platform is the best solution for creating smart, automated customer engagement conversational flows through messaging channels. The platform’s easy to use interface allows for full conversation design and the deployment of always-on, automated intelligent messaging.  Used by Whole Foods, The Conversable platform turns Whole Food Market’s Facebook Messenger into an interactive recipe concierge. Consumers and brands can connect directly through one-to-one conversations in a variety of use cases including instant content, integrated customer service, seamless commerce, and internal enterprise solutions.


Door is a real estate brokerage company that leverages technology to sell or buy their clients’ homes for a flat fee of $5,000 per side, paid at close. They believe that the 6 percent traditional commission structure for selling/buying a home is a holdover from the days before the internet and is completely divorced from today’s reality. They believe it’s your home equity and you should keep it. They have raised $2.3 million from investors including real estate developer Phillip Huffines.

Kickbox ensures you only send email to real users and helps you separate the low-quality addresses from high-value contacts. Protect your reputation, increase open rates, and save money with Kickbox. You’ll be able to quickly verify your email lists just by dropping your contacts directly into the Kickbox interface. They’ll sort out the good, the bad, and the ugly email addresses.


This company allows you to gamify your workplace to improve retention. Workplace Arcade is an end-to-end SaaS solution for measuring, increasing, and retaining retail employee engagement. With Arcade, you can measure and impact your workplace culture in real-time.


This real-time design platform allows new home buyers to visualize new flooring, cabinets, and more in real time. Forget the little swatches, this platform is moving home design into the 21st century. Optimize home builders design efforts and shorten the sales cycle and improve the design process.

PICKUP Instant Delivery

When you need to pick up some furniture or move, the Pickup App can help. This company provides instant pickup and delivery. They call on firefighters, military personnel, veterans, and other good guy heroes who are off their regular duty. They are the natural problem solvers we all know and love. Plus, your goods are insured up to $20,000.

CallBox Storage

Callbox Storage is a full-service storage company with free pick-ups and deliveries. Callbox alleviates every pain point associated with traditional self-storage facilities. They pick up and load your items, store them in our climate-controlled facility, and provide you with a photo inventory of your items. When you want your items back, they return your items on demand, typically within 48 hours of request.


Kubos provides small satellite companies with the highest quality mission critical services on the market. Satellite software development today is an outdated and broken process, and they’re determined to make it better, faster, and more productive than ever. They’re a small team of experienced engineers passionate about building creative satellite solutions for their clients. They’re technologically agile – able to overcome any challenges that stand in your way by customizing a full space solution designed to address your needs.

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