10 Fitness Gadgets To Help You Get In Shape

Feeling like it’s time to shed a extra few pounds? There is no better time than the present to start your fitness routine. Thanks to technology, there are a number of fitness gadgets that can help you quantify yourself. These gadgets can make it more motivating to stick to your new found routine. There are number of fitness gadgets out there and some are better than others when it comes to monitoring your health, tracking your exercise, and cultivating the lifestyle that you want to live. I’ve pulled together a list of ten fitness gadgets that you might want to take a look at to help you build a better body – let’s get started today.

Fitbit Blaze Fitness Watch

Fitbit Blaze

Living up to its name, the Fitbit Blaze offers a high-speed switchboard for your health and fitness regiment. It provides everything from heart rate monitoring to customized music selection for individual workouts. It also functions as an advanced smartwatch, giving you text message alerts and navigational cues based on destinations. Basically it’s a huge Apple Watch competitor. So if you’re looking for something similar to an Apple Watch but you’re looking for a great piece of wearable tech – and it doesn’t get much better than a Fitbit.

Skulpt Scanner Measures Body Fat


Perfect for bodybuilders and other fitness junkies, Skulpt is a handheld scanner that can be applied to 24 different areas of the body to give you readings on muscle mass and body fat percentage. You can even sync it with the Skulpt app for in-depth analysis about your physical state. Forget about calculators and tape measures, Skulpt will do all of the work for you.

iHealth Smart Wireless Gluco-Monitoring System

iHealth Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System

If you struggle with diabetes or any other blood sugar condition, it can be difficult to meet your fitness goals with so much additional data to analyze. The good news is that the iHealth can take at least one burden off your shoulders. Offering wireless, cloud-based monitoring and tracking of your glucose levels, it will help you manage your diabetes while working on a healthier diet and exercise plan.

The Dash Truly Wireless Smart Earphones by Bragi

Wireless Smart Earphones by Bragi

More and more manufacturers are creating “smart” headphones that can be synced with the user’s digital devices, but the Bragi earphones take it one step further by providing a built-in fitness tracker too. In addition to streaming, uploading and organizing more than 1000 songs, you can also receive real-time feedback on steps, strokes, cadence, duration and heart rate.

Strenx by GYMWATCH

Strenx by Gymwatch

Track your body across 900 different exercises with the Strenx armband. Not only will it analyze your workout and provide tips for speed, strength and endurance training, but it will even correct your form if it detects mistakes in your repetitions. It’s a virtual spotter that will make your gym routines so much safer and more efficient.

Beddit Sleep Tracker


Sleep is so important, ask Arianna Huffington, a healthier day starts with a better night. By using the Beddit, a thin, sensor-filled pad that slips under your sheets, you can analyze your nightly Z’s and figure out how to optimize your sleeping environment for higher-quality rest. The Beddit keeps track of how long you slept, snoring, heart rate, and overall sleep efficiency.



iSpO2 Pulse Oximeter

I like coffee and iced tea but sometimes I overdo it. This gadget is useful for both serious athletes and people who just want to make sure that their daily dose of caffeine is not affecting their health. It measures things like pulse rate and blood oxygenation levels, so you can monitor your body’s response to everything from aerobics class to workplace stress.

4iii Sportiiis Heads Up Display System

Sportiiii Heads Up Display System

This innovate headgear functions as a “live feed” of your workout stats while you’re running, hiking, biking or otherwise moving. It can be clipped to your existing glasses or worn as a new pair, and it provides accurate, up-to-date visual prompts about your speed, duration, cadence, heart rate and breathing patterns. Best of all, it’s entirely hands-free!

Under Armour UA Band

Under Armour UA Band

Under Armour, the Nike for this generation, has gone all in on wearable tech. The UA Band is an armband that measures your steps, times, and workout intensities, so it’s another option if you’re looking for a daily tracker.

QardioBase Smart Digital Bathroom Scale

QardioBase Smart Digital Scale

Last but not least, you’ll need a scale if you’re serious about tracking your progress towards a slimmer waistline or stronger core. But don’t waste time with a cheap one that only gives you poundage. The QardioBase Smart Scale will sync to your phone and provide all kinds of data on weight, muscle mass and body fat percentage.


While you’re not going to want all ten of these fitness gadgets, they can be mix and matched to create the ultimate technology solution for your fitness tracking goals. Of course, don’t forget there are lots of factors that go into total fitness. Good luck meeting your wellness goals.

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