10 Gadgets To Build Out Your Dream Smart Kitchen

When the first fridge with a built-in screen was released, the world lost its collective mind. After all, who needs a touchscreen on a fridge, right? Whether we like it or not, the world of IoT has spun out a plethora of gadgets that we can use to save time, enjoy life, or more often than not, just slap some internet on it for no reason. We’re looking at you, Bluetooth connected grill thermometers with a max distance of 30 feet.

Although CES wasn’t jam packed with the most innovative devices this year, manufactures have made it clear that their priorities have shifted towards refining products based on what consumers want. In the kitchen, that means devices are now helping us make healthier food choices, cook better meals, and manage more things at once.

Anova Sous Vide

“Sous vide” is a way of cooking or preparing food, which churns out restaurant quality results. In the past few years, a few connected versions have been released, with Anova being one of the more popular. We also use it for brewing beer, but either way, the Anova works amazingly well and is affordable for the technology.

anova sous vide

Amazon Echo Dot

Cookbooks? Forget that. With the Amazon Echo Dot, you can easily get your recipes dictated to you, all with a side of terrible jokes. And when you’re done cooking (depending on where you live), you can use Amazon Pantry to refill your supplies.

Amazon Echo Dot Generation 2


Remember back in the day when your parents told you to slow down when you were eating? Regardless of the reason they may have given you, the speed in which you eat does play a role on both digestion and fullness. By slowing down, you improve both. The HAPIfork is a Bluetooth connected fork that helps you track your eating habits, which in turn will improve how you eat.



Love wraps and rotis? Of course you do! The Rotimatic is a new all-in-one system that allows you to drop in the necessary ingredients and the device does the rest. It can also be controlled through an app, which means you can have fresh rotis waiting for you at home as you commute from work. It’s new to the market, and only just now starting to ship.


Crockpot Wemo

Want to ensure your soup or stew is timed to finish perfectly along side your commute home? With the Wemo connected crockpot you can do just that with style and flavor.

iSommelier Pro

Sure, a lot of kitchen connected devices are designed to help you make healthier choices or cook better, but wine’s good for the heart, right? The iSommelier Pro stretches into that non-essential category, but it’s a device that combines wine decanting, a connected app to control it, and helps you learn more about your wine choices.

iSommelier Pro

Behmor Coffee Brewer

The Behmor Connected Coffee Brew System is more than a coffee brewer — it’s connected. It will enable you to customize your brew and control it from your smartphone from anywhere that you have a connection. You can brew your beloved cup of joe whenever or wherever you are: waking up in bed, heading home from the gym, or taking the redeye back after a long weekend.

Behmor Connected Coffee Brew System

Smart Kettle

If coffee isn’t your thing, perhaps tea hits the spot. With AIMOX’s connected kettle, you can easily monitor and control how hot your water or milk gets.


June Oven

If you want a luxury counter-top oven, the June should do the trick. Other than cooking, it comes with a lot of bells and whistles to help you monitor your food. From its connected app to the built-in HD camera that lets you see your food cooking (you can roll your eyes now) to a built-in scale, June should make it close to impossible to burn your food.

june oven

Samsung Smart Fridge

What’s better than a random touchscreen on a fridge? How about a whole computer! Perhaps one of the most innovative brands when it comes to connected appliances, Samsung has been making waves with their smart refrigerator. What is essentially a computer within the fridge brings notes, music, photos, and various other apps that are relevant to your kitchen activities. Samsung also has a smart stove/oven system as well.

Bonus: Pancake Bot

Who needs a 3D printer that makes pancakes? Everyone, that’s who! The Pancake Bot can produce all of your extravagantly designed pancakes just like a 3D printer, right in your kitchen.

pancake bot

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