These Are the 11 Most Hirable Bachelor’s Degrees

Finding a job is one of the most stressful experiences you can endure. Between updating resumés, attending interviews, and waiting by the phone with bated breath, job searches are stressful enough to put even the calmest people on edge. However, when you have the right degree under your belt, the process becomes a whole lot easier. And fortunately for you, someone else has done the research for you to find out which of these degrees you need to get.

According to a recent poll from the National Associate of Colleges and Employers (NACE), there are 11 bachelor’s degrees that are more hirable than any others. The research was conducted through 201 surveys of companies asking what they look for most when hiring new employees.

The data was quite telling when it comes to which degrees you should pick when looking at going to college. Accounting and computer science topped the list for bachelor’s degrees. This is less than surprising as the increased need for tech-focused employees is rising. Plus, every company needs money and accountants take care of that, making that the highest needed graduate in the lot. Strangely enough, economics was near the bottom of the list, while marketing took last place in this race for the most hirable degree.


Researchers also looked into which advanced degrees experienced the highest hire rate when it comes to the job market. This saw a number of lucrative bachelor’s degrees fall down the list, because there is only so much accounting you can do to get better. Computer science degrees proved to be the most consistent across all data, showing up second in the bachelor’s degree rankings, first in master’s degrees, and second in doctorate. Engineering of all kinds jumped up the more education you get, showing that if you are committed to your education, engineering might be your best bet.


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Yes, people tell you to follow your heart when it comes to choosing a major. But is that a realistic expectation of an 18-year-old? After all, I started out as a communications major and look at me now. The trouble with following your heart is that 18-year-old hearts are pretty stupid. With this list, you’ll at least have a comprehensive plan for where you can find a job, and where you can’t.

H / T World Economic Forum

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