100 Best Cities for Gamers in the US

With E3 in full swing and more console announcements hitting social media than political arguments, video games are currently on everyone’s mind. Between the insanely realistic graphics, the mind-blowing gameplay, and the potential for virtual reality integration, it’s no wonder this section of the tech industry is thriving the way it is. And if you’re a gamer, the enjoyment of your experience could be more reliant on your location than you might realize.

According to research from WalletHub, some places are better than others when it comes to playing your favorites games. By measuring things like gaming environment, internet quality and coverage, and gamer and developer opportunities, they were able to discern which cities were the best for gamers and which ones were the worst.

“Some places are better than others for the gamer lifestyle,” wrote Richie Bernardo, senior writer for WalletHub.

In addition to the list of the best cities for gamers, this study ranked a wide range of necessary metrics, including most video game stores per capita (Las Vegas, NV), lowest internet cost (Durham, NC), highest average internet speed (Virginia Beach, VA) and many others. This helped them get the full picture when it came to gamer experience in cities across the US.

While many believe video games to be a frivolous endeavor with little value, the market begs to differ. There are more than one billion gamers worldwide contributing to the $100 billion industry. For a more local perspective on video games, nearly half of US adults play them, and two thirds of US households have at least one gamer in the home. So if you still think video games are just for kids, you’re kidding yourself.

If you want to see which cities made the list, check them out below and make sure the gamers in your life know that their location matters.

Best Cities for Gamers

Overall Rank
CityTotal Score‘Gaming Environment’ Rank‘Internet Quality & Coverage’ Rank‘Gamer & Developer Opportunities’ Rank
1Orlando, FL65.511532
2Seattle, WA62.762245
3Austin, TX59.476443
4New York, NY59.055294
5Atlanta, GA57.093488
6Los Angeles, CA55.7411621
7Las Vegas, NV55.3443912
8Irvine, CA53.9312911
9Boston, MA51.95131310
10San Diego, CA50.0415267
11San Francisco, CA48.2329176
12San Jose, CA46.5724715
13Fremont, CA46.3714445
14Pittsburgh, PA46.15251113
15Columbus, OH46.1273541
16Raleigh, NC45.8593326
17Anaheim, CA44.2683788
18Virginia Beach, VA43.3646172
19Madison, WI42.83212722
20Portland, OR42.65173118
21Chandler, AZ42.1542355
22Plano, TX42.1431837
23Jersey City, NJ42.01371290
24Scottsdale, AZ41.7834647
25Tampa, FL41.77163039
26Denver, CO41.21194716
27Sacramento, CA40.89282224
28Dallas, TX40.31109219
29Minneapolis, MN40.14233423
30Chesapeake, VA39.8279279
31Chicago, IL39.4341719
32Gilbert, AZ39.0643586
33Durham, NC38.90441635
34Charlotte, NC38.21332830
35Washington, DC38.12185431
36Riverside, CA37.70601065
37Reno, NV37.26471833
38Nashville, TN36.06304346
39Houston, TX35.79228421
40St. Paul, MN35.50522143
41Henderson, NV35.23721436
42Baltimore, MD35.18495817
43Garland, TX35.04692090
44Norfolk, VA34.91711557
45Irving, TX34.78323877
46San Antonio, TX34.64278327
47Philadelphia, PA34.14834214
48Oakland, CA34.10645120
49Baton Rouge, LA34.05356042
50Cincinnati, OH34.01366748
51Fort Worth, TX33.65268066
52Phoenix, AZ33.65455629
53Miami, FL33.57209532
54Santa Ana, CA33.31516125
55Long Beach, CA33.25681960
56Indianapolis, IN33.10397328
57Arlington, TX32.98655790
58North Las Vegas, NV32.72732578
59Tucson, AZ32.34584640
60Lexington-Fayette, KY31.85664556
61Birmingham, AL31.57547276
62Mesa, AZ31.46763263
63Boise, ID31.46485070
64Jacksonville, FL31.02407762
65Lubbock, TX30.90626890
66Aurora, CO30.77537552
67Colorado Springs, CO30.41675971
68St. Louis, MO30.39507834
69Omaha, NE30.03705250
70Fort Wayne, IN29.53882387
71Honolulu, HI29.37558161
72Newark, NJ29.25636564
73Fresno, CA29.11873669
74Chula Vista, CA29.06754190
75Albuquerque, NM28.93578551
76Glendale, AZ28.81595584
77Lincoln, NE28.78807473
78Bakersfield, CA28.62776475
79Louisville, KY28.42617654
80Kansas City, MO27.99816380
81Winston-Salem, NC27.91854085
82New Orleans, LA27.31389844
83Anchorage, AK26.73569674
84St. Petersburg, FL26.29924968
85Buffalo, NY25.84896649
86Greensboro, NC25.53749790
87Toledo, OH25.40868882
88Milwaukee, WI25.07828753
89Oklahoma City, OK24.87789067
90Stockton, CA24.77956990
91El Paso, TX24.09907981
92Tulsa, OK23.66849488
93Cleveland, OH23.34919338
94Hialeah, FL23.26987090
95Wichita, KS22.29978690
96San Bernardino, CA22.26948259
97Corpus Christi, TX22.16939190
98Memphis, TN20.72968983
99Laredo, TX14.691009990
100Detroit, MI13.199910058

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