3 Ways to Improve Communication With SMS Texting

Many entrepreneurs rely on SMS text messages when communicating with customers in real time and running marketing campaigns. But there is much more a business SMS text service can help a company with. While there are many advantages to using SMS to improve communications with customers and business associates, these services can also have a huge impact on a company’s internal communications, a fact which is often overlooked.

SMS messaging has become a popular form of communication, in part because it is so effective. People tend to read text messages immediately and reply within a few minutes if necessary. Companies have been catching on to that fact and have started to explore new ways of using business SMS services in order to improve their internal and external communications.

How can this service make your life easier? Well, there are several ways in which using SMS messages can help improve the way your staff conducts daily in-house communication.

Establish Strong Employee Communication

The most obvious benefit of setting up a business SMS service is creating easy access to a communication network that all your employees will benefit from. Just like anyone else, your staff members will be more likely to have access to their mobile phones than to an internet connection. Even popular messaging services (such as WhatsApp and Viber) pale in the long shadow that simple text messaging casts (smartphone users actually prefer texting to WhatsApp messages).

This means that using SMS texts to update them on important details regarding their work will be a lot easier if you use a business SMS service as opposed to just sending an email.

More importantly, texting (as opposed to other means of in-house communication) is certainly preferable when dealing with time-sensitive issues. Research shows that over 90 percent of texts are read within the first three minutes of being received.

Converting information contained in emails to an SMS text format is a breeze, and so is sending it to a contacts list you keep on hand. That makes it simple to keep out-of-the-office employees abreast of all recent developments.

In fact, it’s also a great way to set up in-house communication networks between managers overseeing company activities and the different departments they’re in charge of. You can use your admin panel to decide which of your executives can use certain features that the system provides and track how these services are being used, so you can always stay on top of how different teams collaborate and make sure that there are no communication breakdowns between them.

Facilitate Impromptu Meetings

Business days can be pretty hectic, especially when you have a staff to coordinate, meetings to schedule, unexpected problems to resolve and clients to talk to.

Anyone who has ever tried to organize an impromptu meeting knows that things can quickly descend into chaos if attendees are not quickly notified. With text messaging, you’ll have a simpler time contacting team members who are out of the office for various in-house communication and you can make sure that they’re aware of any development without unnecessary delay.

The advantage in using a business SMS service for planning meetings is that it has several features and applications that can help you plan ahead and keep everybody updated in real time without making twenty angry phone calls at the last minute.

You can send alerts to your employees, either to individuals or to groups, in order to remind them of when and where they need to be for meetings. Some services allow you to set an automated cycle for sending out the reminders if you have a schedule that always sets aside the same timeslots for meetings and conference calls. This way you can be sure that everybody gets updated in real time about upcoming events.

Manage Remote Employees and Offices

Managing your mobile workforce can be tricky. Many companies outsource some of their activity or end up expanding and establishing several offices, sometimes a long way away from headquarters.

It can be hard to keep track of what remote offices and departments are doing since communication becomes more difficult if you don’t have everyone working in the same building. Those problems become even more pressing when you have teams working in other states or countries.

Setting up a SMS service for your business can help you manage teams working in different locations. Business texting providers can set up two-way chat systems so that business owners can quickly get in touch with their employees and be sure that they also receive the answers they need.

Regardless of whether your employees are working all across the city or on a business trip to a different state, timely communication is paramount. Business texting ensures that supervisors and teams are connected regardless of circumstance and location.

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