4 Apps Contractors Cannot Live Without

The industry of construction and contractors is not the first to come to mind when we think of technological innovation. Other than new materials, it seems as if this industry is somewhat immune to the novelties found on other fields. According to Don Paz, CEO of Contractor Strategies, the explanation is simple:

“Most contractors do not see the need to implement new technologies, because they are not used to it and are mostly unaware of all the benefits. However, if they are properly educated on how technology can make their work easier and more effective, I am sure this industry will evolve greatly.”

As Paz states, technology can surely have a positive impact in the construction world. Apps are a good example – they can, for instance, greatly diminish the time contractors spend doing administrative work. Just like for other fields, there are several apps that can help contractors with several aspects of their job. Here are four of them.


Getting everyone on the same page can be hard, especially when it comes to drawings and their constant updates. With PlanGrid it is easy to keep everyone in the loop, as the drawings are constantly synced with a cloud server and shared with all members whenever there is an update.

Versioning is also an existing feature, allowing contractors to go back to an old drawing if something goes wrong with the new ones.


3D designing apps can be a bit overwhelming and hard to use, but that is not the case with FingerCAD. This is a simple and easy to use app, allowing users to smoothly draw with their fingers and get computational assistance. The CAD designs made with this app can be saved in different formats, and then be sent via e-mail or simply printed.

Prosper Daily

Previously known as BillGuard, Prosper Daily is an essential app for business and personal use. As a finance tracking tool, it provides expense tracking and reporting features, showing a personal or business spending in a way that has never been seen before. Keeping track of credit score is another handy feature, and this app also teaches better ways to save money and where to cut wasteful spending.


Clients want contractors to be fast, so providing estimates with speed and efficiency is a must, and the best way to do so is using an app. With JobFLEX even a non tech-savvy person can deliver estimates on the spot, without the need for an Internet connection. This app allows contractors to create and edit customizable forms, and then just drag and drop line item costs, materials, and photos. After completion, it is possible to preview, email or print the estimate with a single tap.

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