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4 Health Tech Startups Using AI to Improve Daily Wellness

In the end, it’s up to us to decide to improve our daily health and wellness. But having a little help from technology can certainly kick off the routines, good habits and focus on our health. These four health tech startups are not only building products using artificial intelligence for the good of the community, but enabling us to monitor and improve our physical and mental health each day.


Childbirth does a lot of crazy things to a woman’s body, and weakening the pelvic floor is one of the more common side effects. According to research, 2 in 3 women suffer from a weak pelvic floor that can result in pelvic dysfunction such as incontinence, back pain or prolapse. Kegels are an important way to prevent dysfunction and to achieve and maintain a healthy pelvis. Unfortunately, Kegels are boring and difficult to figure out how to do. The company VaGenie is a combination device and app Kegel trainer that helps women strengthen their pelvic floor.

The company addresses this problem by not only teaching women how to do their exercises correctly, but also making exercising fun by allowing the user to play video games controlled by her pelvic muscles. Think of it as “a FitBit for lady bits.” The founders are also dedicated to normalizing the conversation around women’s health so that more women know about how to address this vital fitness need. Buy the product at VaGenie.Co.


The hearing impaired community is bombarded by sound and distractions. The Stages company is on a mission to change the way people hear the world around them. While over-the-counter hearing aids are available to help boost the sound, eliminating the noise and distractions are a challenge. Stages’ patented technology, Ambient+™ and Selective Sound™ combine multiple proprietary digital signal and speech-processing algorithms, with Stages’ Audio Processing System (APS)™, a custom-designed circular MEMS microphone array and integrated electronics in a platform that constantly scans a full 360-degree soundscape in real-time. This allows Stages’ technology to narrowly identify and focus on desired incoming voices and sounds based on user preferences while drastically reducing undesired sounds in the process. Their two products found at Stages.Co include:

  • Hero™ is an advanced audiophile-quality, over-the-ear noise canceling pair of headphones that can operate either wired or wirelessly.
  • Sidekick™ is a rechargeable desktop product that offers the same sound personalization functionality as the Hero, but allows the use of any preferred wired or wireless headphones, earbuds or hearable you already own. Learn more at Stages.Co.


Between wearables and apps, those who exercise or have an active routine are trying to track their activity and gain insights to their health. Revvo is the first stationary bike to measure the three pillars of aerobic fitness: aerobic capacity, recovery and endurance. Revvo’s patented technology analyzes heart rate and cycling power while guiding you to cycle for 15+ minutes to measure your aerobic fitness profile. Revvo will adapt its training offers to fit your profile so you can see progress 10x faster. Revvo’s technology is geared towards micro gyms, offices, hotels and in home. Users are able to see if their activity is actually having the desired impact — plus they learn how to train so they can quickly progress to their goals. Learn more at Revvo.Co

Sunrise Health

Dealing with a loss, illness, anxiety or just the stress of work and life can be taxing on one’s mental resources. But getting the help you need may be a challenge if you don’t know who to call. Sunrise Health is a mobile app where users can join a text-based group psychotherapy anonymously. The platform combines the clinical efficacy of therapy with the persistence of peer support networks while using natural language processing to increase accessibility for patients and manage costs for institutions.

Users can join a chat under a pseudonym in a community of 5-7 peers working through similar issues, at any time, from anywhere. The community is overseen by a moderator, generally a trained clinician, that regulates the conversation and conducts in-app calls to provide scheduled, structured therapy sessions. Patients receive stigma-free support via their 24/7 community at no cost to them through this B2B approach.

On the professional side, their technology also helps moderators identify if any participant indicated any malicious or suicidal content. These same tools also help moderators visualize user and group sentiment over time, noticing patterns hidden to the unaided eye. This increases efficiency by automating patient tracking and providing early detection capabilities, allowing providers to focus on the patients most in need of help. Now people can get the care they need in a safe environment from their smartphone. Download the app at SunriseHealth.Co.

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