Tishin is a technology journalist and correspondent. She has written for TechCrunch, Demand Studios and Fitness, and has regular network segments on local Phoenix affiliate stations. She holds a Master's degree in Clinical and Sport psychology, and has covered many areas of technology ranging from 3D printing and game development to neurotech and funding for over 15 years.


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Social Media Success Doesn’t Happen Overnight

social media

With the changes to algorithms, dwindling attention spans, and constant online noise, capturing a customer’s eyeballs can be an on-going challenge. So where do you start? “Always start with the business goals. Social media marketing should fit the business strategy, not the other way…

13 Ecosystem Builders That Are Boosting Startup Growth

startup of the year

If you’re an early-stage entrepreneur, technology has served you well. The barriers to entry when it comes to launching a company require less tension and a lot less capital. In fact, for the most part, all you need is a laptop and Wi-Fi connection….

7 Pitching Tips to Help You Crush Your Next Investor Meeting


When it comes to pitching investors, rejection is a lot more common than success. Truth be told, your only path to some serious funding is perseverance and diligence in getting meetings and being prepared. But with the right pitch tactics, you could turn those…

Investors Want You to Have Skin in the Game


Living month-to-month in order to make payroll, build their product and keep the wheels turning is a financial reality for many small business owners. Fortunately, it can be this kind of hard work that makes investors want to invest in you. According to the…

7 Ways Women Founders Normalize Crazy Startup Life

women founders crazy startup life

Startup life can be full of unexpected twists and turns. Whether it be attracting clients, hiring employees, or just dealing with the daily chaos of founding a company, entrepreneurship is a guaranteed rollercoaster ride. I asked three women entrepreneurs from the Arlington, Virginia ecosystem…

Building Partnerships Is Critical to Success


Whether it be reputable brands, corporations, or influencers, there’s value in partnerships. These relationships can amplify startups to new heights and introduce them to opportunities that put their product on the fast track to success. It happened to Atom Tickets, just ask Max Lynn,…

Falon Donohue of VentureOhio: We Need More Women to Start Companies


In the startup world, it can feel like all the attention is on the coasts. Fortunately, attracting venture capital to Midwestern startups is the game plan of CEO of VentureOhio, Falon Donohue. “Over 50 percent of venture capital invested in the U.S. last year…

5 Virginia Startups at Collision 2018 That Should Be on Your Radar

working remote in Arlington

Just across the Potomac river from our nation’s capital sits Arlington, Virginia, a beautiful city filled with bustling businesses, thriving tech startups, and an innovative vibe that is drawing founders to this growing region.  Within its tech ecosystem, these five Arlington startups are making…

Startup Glory Awaits: Become the Startup of the Year Champion

startup of the year

Winning an Olympic medal, the Pulitzer Prize, or the Stanley Cup are just a few moments of glory that happen around the world. But if you’re a startup founder, you too have the chance to find your own moment in the spotlight. Being one…

7 Hidden Costs of Building a Website

brand domain name

You don’t have to be an expert to launch a website anymore. With all the DIY solutions on the market, small businesses can get their brand up and running online within minutes. However, there are unexpected hidden costs of building a personalized site that…

5 Common Habits of Digital Leaders

In an inspiring poem written by Erik Qualman, he recalled a question asked by his father, “What footprints do you want to leave in the sand?” While this metaphor didn’t have much meaning as an adolescent, today his digital leadership has helped brands, organizations, and…

Nina Vaca, CEO of Pinnacle Group: You Can’t Be What You Can’t See

nina vaca

Whether it’s a partner, spouse, family, friend, mentor or mom, having a support system is key to any entrepreneur’s success. For Nina Vaca, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Pinnacle Group, she attributes much of her success to the role models in her personal life,…

5 Ways URL Shorteners Can Impact SEO

Finding a way to climb up in PageRank without spending a ton of money is good for any small business. While URL shorteners have been around for many years, marketing experts say the manner in which they’re used can impact engagement with current and…

Smart Homes and Paying Off Debt Win at Startup Night SXSW 2018

sxsw startup night 2018

The spirit of optimism is alive and well at SXSW 2018. Between the art installations, film, entertainment, innovation, and Elon Musk, who crashed the HBO “Westworld” panel to talk about the future of space travel, it would be hard not to leave Austin inspired….

Battling Cyber Hackers: The Next Generation of War Games

In 2017, society experienced more data security breaches than any year prior. “The final number of data breaches reported was 1,579, a 45 percent increase over 2016’s number of data breaches. Businesses continued to suffer the majority of breaches and more than eight times…